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Sirocco LRT Parking Lot Expansion

About the project

In an effort to make it easier for Calgarians to use public transit, we’ve added 69 parking stalls to our Sirocco LRT Park and Ride location.

Project scope:

  • Expanded the lot by 69 parking stalls
  • Replaced asphalt and curbs
  • Upgraded underground utilities

Project timeline

  • Spring 2017: Construction began
  • October 2017: Construction was completed


Access remained open to the parking lot throughout the construction process and people traveling to and from this lot were detoured around the work being done.

Construction occurred within a fenced-in area and approximately 34 of the existing parking stalls were temporarily out of service to accommodate this work.


The City remained committed to keeping an open line of communication between our project team and the people working, living and travelling through this area. Adjacent property owners and businesses received relevant information prior to construction beginning, and this webpage was kept up-to-date.

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