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South Crosstown Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project

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Project Update - June 2018

Crews are out installing shelters along the South Crosstown Route. Crews are placing the stations along the route as they are fabricated, and then crews follow behind the install crew to complete the electrical, custom glass and amenities at each station. We have had some delays this season, and expect that the stations will take six to eight weeks to install at each location, and we thank residents for your patience. We've also started work on the remaining BRT stations which includes utility and concrete work at each location, and the station install will happen shortly after the concrete work is complete.

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BRT Stations

Many existing stops on the new BRT route will be replaced with new stations.


One of the goals of the BRT program is to provide an improved customer experience including heated shelters, seating, next bus service messaging, and a pleasant waiting area. The stations for the North Crosstown BRT will incorporate public art on the shelter glass. The use of images on the glass of the shelters is a visual enhancement to the waiting area and has been shown in other jurisdictions to reduce the amount of vandalism and resulting operating costs.

The Crosstown BRT projects offer an opportunity to celebrate the City's Public Art Collection - the bulk of which has been built over the last century by the generosity of Calgarians and local organizations such as the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation. Selected artworks will brighten or bring interest to the spaces for transit users.

The selection of over 100 artworks required many technical, logistical and curatorial considerations. Two dimensional fine artworks such as paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs, were selected because they translate best onto glass and will allow the shelters to read like gallery walls. It was also important to demonstrate the variety in the collection in terms of the types of artworks, styles, media, period of production, and the diversity of artists in terms of age, gender, residency. Many of the artists (or their estate) are local and includes several indigenous artists.

Additional information on the City's Public Art Program can be found here​.

Public engagement and communications

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the South Crosstown BRT route, station locations and design. For a detailed summary of the input provided, please see the What We Heard Report.

What we heard summary

  • Most respondents were current, daily Calgary Transit users
  • Of respondents who said they currently use Calgary Transit, most indicated the new South Crosstown BRT service would encourage them to use Calgary Transit more.
  • Of respondents who said they don't currently use Calgary Transit, most indicated the new South Crosstown BRT wouldn't encourage them to use Calgary Transit.
  • Respondents primarily consisted of people who live near the route or commute, or operate businesses along the route.

Project overview

Calgary Transit strives to provide safe, accessible, reliable public transportation. Through various feedback to Calgary Transit, customers have identified reliability and convenience as top priorities for taking transit. The South Crosstown BRT will benefit transit customers by providing a better customer experience and more reliable, direct service.

This project will improve the existing Route 306 service and extend the service to connect with the future Green Line LRT.

The South Crosstown BRT project is a Council-identified priority in Calgary Transit's strategic plan RouteAhead. The South Crosstown BRT project is one of four additions to The City's primary transit network. The four new routes fill important gaps in the existing transit network, and provide Calgarians with reliable, direct connections to major destinations.

The South Crosstown BRT will operate in regular traffic lanes. Transit vehicles will be given signal priority and queue jumps at some intersections. The South Crosstown BRT overlaps and shares the corridor with the Southwest BRT between Richard Road S.W. and Heritage Drive S.W.

South Crosstown BRT Route

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How will we achieve more reliable, direct service?

When service starts in 2018, the BRT will operate seven days a week with buses running every 10 minutes during peak hours (6:30-9 a.m. & 3-6 p.m.) As ridership grows, the BRT will operate seven days a week, 15 hours per day with buses every 10 minutes.

Transit Signal Priority

Traffic signals along the route will be modified to provide an extended green signal when buses are approaching.

Bus Queue Jumps

Queue jumps are reserved for buses at signalized intersections. Buses enter their own lane and get an advanced green light before other vehicles at the intersection, allowing them to get ahead of traffic and avoid congestion delays. Calgary already has a number of transit queue jumps, including 16 Avenue and 10 Street N.W., Memorial Drive and 5 Avenue S.E. and Marlborough Drive and 52 Street S.E.

Roadway Changes

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Staying informed

The City is committed to keeping the public, residents, and businesses informed before and during construction. Please sign up for email updates (by clicking the "South Crosstown BRT" box on the sign up page) to stay informed about the project.