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South Crosstown Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project

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Project overview

Calgary Transit strives to provide safe accessible, and reliable public transportation, and customers have identified reliability and convenience as top priorities for taking transit. The South Crosstown BRT will benefit transit customers by providing a better customer experience and more reliable, direct service. This project will improve the existing Route 306 service and extend the route to connect with the future Green Line LRT.

The South Crosstown BRT will operate in regular traffic lanes and transit vehicles will be given signal priority and queue jump lanes at some intersections. The South Crosstown BRT overlaps and shares the corridor with the Southwest BRT between Richard Road S.W. and Heritage Drive S.W

The South Crosstown BRT project is a Council-identified priority in Calgary Transit’s strategic plan RouteAhead. It also forms part of the primary transit network outlined in the Calgary Transportation Plan. The service is an important investment to accommodate Calgary’s current and future growth.

The South Crosstown BRT project is one of four additions to The City’s primary transit network. The four new routes fill important gaps in the existing transit network, and provide Calgarians with reliable, direct connections to major destinations.

South Crosstown BRT Route

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Station Concepts

All of the existing stops on the new BRT route will be replaced with new stations.

The new stations will improve comfort and safety with:

  • Lighting
  • Real-time travel information
  • Heating

BRT stations will have connections to sidewalks and pathways. All stations will fit within the existing right-of-way.

How will we achieve more reliable, direct service?

When the service starts, the BRT will operate seven days a week with buses running every 10 minutes during peak hours (6:30-9 a.m. & 3-6 p.m.) As ridership grows, the BRT will operate seven days a week, 15 hours per day with buses every 10 minutes.

Transit Signal Priority
Traffic signals along the route will be modified to provide additional green time when buses are approaching.

Bus Queue Jump Lanes
Queue jump lanes are reserved for buses at signalized intersections. Buses enter their own lane and get an advanced green light before other vehicles at the intersection, allowing them to get ahead of traffic and avoid congestion delays. Calgary already has a number of transit queue jumps, including 16 Avenue and 10 Street N.W., Memorial Drive and 5 Avenue S.E. and Marlborough Drive and 52 Street S.E.

Roadway Changes

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Public engagement and communications

The South Crosstown BRT is route is primarily set and will not require new roadways. With the exception of three new stations planned in the future, existing stop locations will be used for the entire route.

Online feedback

Thank you for participating in the online feedback form. Participants were asked to provide input into the route, station locations and design. Please check back for a summary report in early 2017.

Staying informed

The City is committed to keeping the public, residents, and businesses informed before and during construction. Please sign up for email updates (by clicking the "South Crosstown BRT" box on the sign up page) to stay informed about the project.