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Southwest BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) project

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Project update - March 2018

Tree removals are complete within the project areas at 90 Avenue, Heritage Drive and 75 Avenue S.W. Crews are starting earthwork this week at the northwest corner of 14 Street and 90 Avenue for the traffic detour. The pathway at the northwest corner of the intersection is closed until mid-April when crews finish building the detour. We've put sign out to let pedestrians know the pathway is closed, and how to access Glenmore Landing while crews are working.

Crews are removing concrete curbs at the 14 Street/90 Avenue S.W. intersection and getting ready to move traffic to the north side of the intersection for the traffic detour. Crews have started work on the underpass on the south side of the intersection, so residents can expect to see more equipment working in the area.

Upcoming lane closures & detours

Lane closures will typically be between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. For the upcoming week, expected closures and detours include:

March 19 - 22, 2018 at 14 Street & 90 Avenue S.W.

  • Westbound 90 Avenue S.W. the right hand lane will be closed from the intersection to just west of the merge lane to the first entrance of Glenmore Landing.

March 21 - 23, 2018 between Southland Drive & 92 Avenue S.W.

  • Northbound 14 Street S.W. reduced to one lane between Southland Drive S.W. and 92 Avenue S.W.

March 20 & 23, 2018 at 14 Street & 90 Avenue S.W.

  • Eastbound 90 avenue S.W. reduced to two lanes, just west of 14 Street S.W.
  • Southbound 14 Street S.W. reduced to one lane (left hand lane closed) just north of 90 Avenue S.W.​
  • Northbound 14 Street S.W. reduced to two lanes just north of 90 Avenue S.W.

March 21 - 22, 2018 at 14 Street & 90 Avenue S.W.

  • Southbound 14 Street S.W. reduced to one lane (right hand lane closed) just north of 90 Avenue S.W.
  • Southbound 14 Street S.W. reduced to two lanes, just north of 90 Avenue S.W.

The access lane from southbound 14 Street S.W. to the Glenmore Landing Shopping centre is closed to traffic. Patrons can access the shopping centre using the two existing accesses on 90 Avenue, west of 14 Street S.W.

Tree removals

Tree removals are complete within the project areas at 90 Avenue, Heritage Drive, and 75 Avenue S.W. While we make every effort to avoid impacts to trees as a part of construction, it is necessary to remove approximately 350 trees at various locations along the entire BRT route. When trees are impacted as a part of construction a tree compensation plan is developed to replace the lost tree canopy. We are working with The City's Parks and Urban Forestry departments to develop landscaping and compensation plans for the project.  See the attached files for where tree removal is necessary as a part of construction:

Construction of the transit only lane at the southeast corner of the Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail S.W. interchange will be starting again in May 2018.

To get the latest updates and information during construction sign up for updates.

Construction Schedule

Construction south of Glenmore Trail will be happening in different areas throughout the construction seasons. We estimate construction will be active in each area approximately from:

​​Construction Area

Approximate Construction timeline

North of Glenmore Trail

May 2018 - September 2018

Heritage Drive to 75 Avenue

July 2019 - September 2019

90 Avenue to Heritage Drive

May 2018 - September 2019

90 Avenue & 14 Street intersection

March 2018 - October 2019

Southland Drive to 90 Avenue

April 2018 - July 2019

Woodbine round about and terminus station

Spring 2018 - Fall 2018

Residents may seem some minor activity in these areas prior to the estimated construction start, but major construction should happen in these areas based on the schedule above. This schedule is an estimate of when work will start in each area. To stay up to date on where crews are working sign up for updates.

The city is taking steps to minimize the impact of construction to resident and commuters. Lane closures required for construction should be completed in off peak times. The Construction staging for each area will be:

Pedestrian Bridge at 90 Ave - Final Alignment

The Southwest BRT bus station will be on 14 Street S.W., just north of 90 Avenue, beside the Glenmore Landing Shopping Centre. With the expected increase of transit trips at this location and the future development in the area, a pedestrian bridge will provide a better option for people crossing.

The City presented three possible locations for the pedestrian bridge last year. Based on feedback from the community we have revised the alignment of the bridge​ to incorporate features that were desirable for the community.

Final designs along the BRT route

Based on input from the community, the final design and improvements to intersections along the Southwest BRT route are complete.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Station rendering
  • 75-Ave-14-St-overview
  • 90 Ave Underpass
  • Heritage Dr S.W. Intersection 1024px
  • Lakeview ramp 1024px
  • Southland Bradbury
  • Woodbine