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All-season cycling

Cycling in the winter may be easier than you think! Once reserved for an exclusive group of avid cyclists, it's more viable than ever to continue cycling past September.

There are many reasons to cycle through winter:

  • Traffic tends to worsen in the winter months – bicycle commutes can be much faster
  • The weather can be quite mild, especially during chinooks
  • It helps keep you in shape
  • Indoor bicycle parking downtown
  • Over 300 km of pathways cleared of snow
  • Park 'N' Bike and Bikes on Transit can help you skip the worst parts of your ride

If you love biking, then winter cycling may be for you. Just think of it as riding one day at a time.

Here are some tips for your winter ride:

  • Dress in layers and adjust your riding for the conditions
  • Take extra care in slippery conditions
  • Be prepared for less daylight by having lights on your bike and wearing reflective clothing
  • Consider purchasing fenders for your bike to protect you from snow and slush
  • Use weather appropriate tires
  • If a lot of snow has fallen, you may want to consider waiting a day for the pathways to be cleared 

Connect with cycling

Take a map on the go! The City of Calgary Pathways and Bikeways iPhone App is free and available to download at the App Store. An Android version is being developed and will be available soon.

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