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Bicycle Rack Sponsorship Program

In 2002, the City of Calgary launched the Bicycle Rack Sponsorship Program. Between 2002 and 2013, more than 800 racks have been installed city wide, but mostly in the city centre. 

The particular racks that we install are preferred because of several key features:

More secure and stable for cyclists

  • Inverted-U design to secure the wheel and frame
  • Two points of contact to stabilize the bicycle – this prevents damage to the bicycle
  • Round tubing to prevent cutting and theft
  • Stainless steel rack with bicycle icon

Low maintenance

  • Designed to withstand vandalism and theft
  • Easy to clean (pressure wash)

Connect with cycling

Anyone can request a bicycle rack to be installed on City land. The location is subject to land availability. If you're aware of a location where they're required, or you would like more information, please contact City staff.

Bike rack request


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