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June is Bike Month


What is Bike Month?

Every June, Calgary will celebrate Bike Month. As part of making Calgary a bicycle-friendly city, Action C35 in the Council approved Cycling Strategy states, “formalize June as Bike Month in Calgary”. During the month, there will be a number of events that promote and celebrate cycling and encouraging people to choose cycling as their way of getting around. Mayor Nenshi proclaimed June as Bike Month in Calgary in 2013. Bike Month provides The City an opportunity to promote cycling education resources to the public and an opportunity to promote bike themed community events that show how cycling can be a fun, economical, healthy and easy transportation option. It’s about more people on bicycles.

Didn’t have time to finish your checklist during June? We encourage everyone to ride bicycles year round, so you still can participate in many of the items listed. Remember that bicycle courses and camps​​ run through the end of summer. Have a safe summer and see you on Calgary’s pathways and bicycle routes, year round.


  1. Take a class. Increase your confidence and know the rules for riding with traffic by taking one of the many courses.
  2. Get a map or download the Iphone City of Calgary Pathways and Bikeways Map App, download the map online or grab one at City of Calgary recreation facilities
  3. Tune up your bike at a local bike shop or check out Bike Fest. Learn to fix your bicycle at a maintenance clinic.
  4. Get the whole family out. Attend one of the family-focused bike themed festivals, or ride to school through June.
  5. Add transit to your trip. Combine your trip with the CTrain for longer distances. Use bike parking at the stations or take your bike on-board during off-peak hours.
  6. Track your kilometres and win prizes. Sign up and be part of the Commuter Challenge that runs from June 1 to 8.
  7. Have fun riding a bike. Riding your bicycle is about enjoying your community in a new way. Cyclepalooza has 10 days of free group rides, or ride to one of the many June festivals in Calgary.
  8. Learn about Bike Month at a Calgary Public Library branch June 10-15, 2013.

Download the Bike Month poster to post at school, work or in your community.

Join our online Facebook community for cycling tips, bike maps, info and news by pressing ‘Like’ on the City of Calgary Bicycle Program page.


Download the Ride Safe quick guide to courses, camps and events for the entire family in Calgary here

June Course Offerings

Maintenance clinics/information sessions on cycling topics - free or by donation

Family-focused bike themed festivals

Other events