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In-line skating safety

Helpful tips for safe in-line skating

  • Know your route and capabilities.
  • Learn basic skills like how to stop, turn and brake before venturing onto the pathway system.
  • Avoid hills unless you have basic skills and confidence in your abilities.
  • Don't skate in the rain.
  • Watch for gravel on pathways near roadways and overpasses, especially in early spring.

Skating restrictions

Rollerblade restrictions, restrictions on rollerblading
  • In-line skaters and roller skiers cannot use poles on the pathways.
  • Skating is not permitted at LRT stations, parking lots or parkades, and on sidewalks downtown.
  • Skating is not permitted with a leashed dog.


  • Stay to the right half of the path.
  • Ensure your stride does not cross the centre of the pathway.
  • Follow passing and speed rules for the pathway.
  • Where pathways are twinned, use the path marked for cyclists.

Connect with cycling

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