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11 Street S.W. bike lane

Improvements to the existing 11 street bike lane were completed in 2013.

Improvements to 11 Street S.W.

The City widened the roadway to extend the 11 Street S.W. bike lane north of 6 Avenue and modified the existing two-stage left turn area to accommodate longer bicycles and bicycles with trailers. It also helps with snow removal in the winter.

Modified two-stage left turn area

Project background

In 2008, The City installed bike lanes on 11 Street S.W., between 6 Avenue and 12 Avenue. The bike lanes expanded the cycling opportunities within the Centre City and connected cyclists between the Beltline communities and the Bow River Pathway.

The bike lanes on 11 Street S.W. are supported by the Council-approved Cycling Strategy’s Action #C10 by improving bicycle routes in the city centre based on the Centre City Action Plan Map (Appendix A).

Other connections along 11 Street S.W. include: