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20 Street S.W. bikeway

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Project update

Road design improvements and new pavement - construction is underway

This summer, 20 Street S.W. is being re-paved between 26 Avenue S.W. and 34 Avenue S.W. At the same time, several improvements for people who walk, bicycle, take transit and drive are being implemented on 20 Street S.W.:

  • A 4.5 km bikeway is being constructed to better connect people who bicycle from the existing pedestrian bridge over Glenmore Trail and the reservoir through Marda Loop to the inner city. Bicycle lanes are being installed between 26 Avenue S.W. and 54 Avenue S.W., with neighborhood greenways on the north and south ends.
  • Several pedestrian improvements are being installed, including: new wheelchair ramps, sections of new sidewalk, curb extensions and pedestrian refuge islands.
  • Dedicated turn lanes are being added at 33 Avenue S.W. and 34 Avenue S.W. for the highest volume movements at those intersections to improve traffic flow.

This project connects to the bicycle lane and sidewalk improvements happening on Richmond Road S.W., between 17 Avenue S.W. and 20 Avenue S.W.

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Rendering showing the future bike lanes on 20 Street S.W. at 33 Avenue S.W.

Construction and paving

Paving (between 26 Avenue S.W. and 34 Avenue S.W.) is expected to be complete at the end of July and all construction is expected to be complete mid to late August. Some temporary sidewalk closures will be required for this construction.

During The Odeon construction, temporary conditions will be in place between 33 Avenue S.W. and 32 Avenue S.W. to help bicycles and vehicles share the road safely along the block.

20 St Bikeway under construction
Construction is underway on 20 Street S.W.

Improvement plan

Please view the improvement plans in the slideshow below for details about the intersections along 20 Street S.W.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

Parking changes

On-street parking on 20 Street S.W. between 26 Avenue S.W. and 54 Avenue S.W. will be consolidated to one side of the street to fit the mobility improvements.

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The project team carefully considered several factors when deciding how to balance the needs of all stakeholders and people traveling on 20 Street S.W. The City understands parking loss is difficult and decisions about changes to roadways in established neighbourhoods often involve challenging trade-offs.

Several factors were considered when deciding to consolidate parking:

  • Stakeholder input
  • Parking study results
  • Grades (keeping parking on the uphill side to avoid the possibility of cyclists travelling downhill at high speeds getting “doored”)
  • Orientation of homes (keeping parking on the sides where homes front 20 Street S.W. rather than flank whenever possible)
  • Minimizing parking transitions between the east and west sides of the road; more transitions result in additional parking loss

Parking study results

As part of the technical analysis to develop possible bikeway options, The City of Calgary conducted a parking use study on May 1, 2015 between 5:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. The parking study included 20 Street S.W. between 19 Avenue S.W. and Langriville Drive S.W., as well as intersecting streets at 32 Avenue S.W., 34 Avenue S.W. and 35 Avenue S.W.

Parking use patterns based on the 2015 study data are illustrated by block for maximum daily occupancy and average daily occupancy.

The maximum daily on-street parking use was below 50% for most of the corridor in residential areas. The average daily on-street parking use was below 50% for most of the street along residential areas. On-street parking use around the Marda Loop BRZ was higher, with average daily use of 65% or greater.

Project overview

This project will improve safety for people who walk and bicycle on this road, and improve cycling connections to surrounding neighbourhoods, businesses and destinations like North Glenmore Park and 17 Avenue S.W.

The City aims to improve Calgary overall by:

  • Planning for growth
  • Providing and connecting transportation choices
  • Creating vibrant, healthy communities
  • Improving safety for all road users

Stakeholder Meetings

The first stakeholder meeting was held on Monday, May 25, 2015 at the Marda Loop Community Association. Attendees represented adjacent residents, Community Associations, Bike Calgary and the Taxi and Limousine Advisory Council.

Meeting attendees heard a presentation about why a bike lane is proposed in this area, the existing conditions for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, transit customers and motorists) and some of the challenges and opportunities for the proposed bike lanes. The project team also put forward some ideas about how the proposed bike lanes might be configured. The group discussed the possibilities and identified concerns and possible solutions.

The second stakeholder meeting was held on November 26, 2015. There were 13 attendees representing the Richmond/Knob Hill Community Association, Marda Loop BRZ, Bike Calgary, Ward 11 and local business owners, operators and landowners.

Meeting attendees heard a presentation about the recommendations and then discussed concerns and improvements. Please view the meeting summary for details about what we heard.

Public open house and online feedback

More than 100 people attended the open house on September 10, 2015 and nearly 400 respondents completed a feedback form to provide input about the proposed plans. View a summary of the input.

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