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2 St. S.W. Complete street project

Project update

Thank you for participating in the in-person and online engagement opportunities held in June. After reviewing the feedback received, we heard that many participants would like to have more separation for people cycling from people driving, that people were concerned with the speed of moving traffic, and that on-street parking is important to residents and businesses in the area. Based on this feedback, we will continue pursuing addition street designs, anticipating construction in spring/summer 2019.
In the fall, we will host a second phase of engagement to provide the community with an opportunity to share their input on revised roadway designs.
The What We Heard Report from the first phase of engagement is now available on the project engagement page.

Project overview

The City of Calgary is upgrading the existing bikeway along 2 St. S.W., from 10 Ave. to 26 Ave. We are planning to upgrade the existing shared driving and cycling lane and install curb extensions to make it safer for people to cross the road. Some parking changes are anticipated, but those changes will still allow for smooth and predictable traffic flow.
This is being done to improve the walking and cycling experience, provide better access and connections to key destinations in this area, and connect to the existing cycle track and pathway system.

Proposed road changes

  • Four to five curb extensions
  • Painted bike lanes along both sides of the road
  • Parking all moved to the west side of Second Street S.W.
  • Continue to have two driving lanes
  • New all-way stop at 2 St. and 26 Ave. S.W.

2 St. S.W. - 17 Ave. S.W.

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2 St. S.W.

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Potential parking impacts

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Loss of approximately 13 parking stalls and one 20 minute loading zone

  • East side of 2 St. S.W. between 24 Ave. and 25 Ave. S.W.
  • East side of 2 St. S.W. south of alley between 25 Ave. and 26 Ave. S.W.
  • Loading zone on east side of 2 St. just south of 12 Av. S.W.

Addition of four parking stalls

  • West side of 2 St. S.W. between 15 and 17 Av. S.W. (north of mid-block alley).

Conversion of Park Plus paid zone (approximately 19 stalls) into hybrid spaces (free parking)

  • North side of 24 Ave. east of 2 St. S.W.

Construction information

Construction work has been postponed until spring/summer 2019. Construction will include: new curb extensions, new road markings and paint lines and updated signs. 

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