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5 Avenue N.W. Bikeway - 10 Street to 14 Street N.W.

What's New

The new bike lanes are open!

Temporary conditions are in place between 11a Street N.W. and 12 Street N.W. during Ezra on Riley Park construction.

Check out the 5 Avenue N.W. How-To Guide for tips and safety information to help all road users.

Project overview

The bike lanes on 5 Avenue N.W., between 10 Street N.W. and 14 Street N.W.,connect to the existing bike lanes on 10 Street N.W. and on 6 Avenue N.W. A new crosswalk and two curb extensions were installed along the corridor to improve pedestrian safety and comfort and calm traffic.

Image 1) New conflict markings at 14 Street N.W., Image 2) New bicycle lanes approaching 10 Street N.W.

Temporary shared lanes between 11A Street N.W. and 12 Street N.W.

During Ezra on Riley Park construction, the westbound bicycle lane will transition into a shared lane between 11a Street N.W. and 12 Street N.W. Signage is in place to help bicycles and vehicles share the road safely along the block until Ezra construction is complete. A curb extension on the northeast corner of 5 Avenue N.W. and 12 Street N.W. will be constructed once Ezra construction is complete.

A marked shared lane is identified by pavement markings and signs.

People who bicycle have the same rights and responsibilities as people who drive and must obey the rules of the road.

  • People are only allowed to ride bicycles on the sidewalk when signage allowing it is present or the person riding the bicycle is under the age of 14. Where sidewalk riding is permitted, please ride slowly and with care.
  • People cycling must used hand signals to indicate turns to other road users.

When driving:

  • Shoulder check before turning.
  • Yield to people cycling in the bicycle lanes or walking on the sidewalk when entering or exiting a driveway or alley.
  • Parking your car in a bicycle lane is illegal and may result in a fine. Be sure to park in designated parking spaces. When opening your car door, check for people cycling. Open your door only when clear.

When walking:

  • Yield to people cycling when accessing a parked vehicle next to the bicycle lane.

When cycling:

  • Obey traffic signals and follow bike signage.
  • Yield to people walking in crosswalks.

Click here to download the 5 Avenue N.W. How-To Guide.

Improvement Plan

Please review the final plans for details about the new road design.

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

Parking changes

Parking on 5 Avenue N.W., between 12 Street and 10 Street N.W. was consolidated to the south side of the road to fit the mobility improvements. Parking was retained on the north side of the street between 12 Street N.W. and 13 Street N.W. to accommodate access to the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association. The end result is a mix of parking between the north and south sides.

Parking in bicycle lanes is prohibited

Bicycle lanes are dedicated and marked on-street traffic lanes for the exclusive use of people cycling, as defined by Calgary Traffic Bylaw.

The project team carefully considered several factors when deciding how to balance the needs of all stakeholders and people traveling on 5 Avenue N.W. The City understands parking loss is difficult and decisions about changes to roadways in established neighbourhoods often involve challenging trade-offs.

Residential permit parking in zone K was maintained on both sides of 5 Avenue N.W. Parking permits allow residents to park in residential parking zones and time-restricted parking zones, as long as traffic bylaws are obeyed. For more information on permit parking, visit the Residential Parking Permit Program.

Figure showing average daily parking occupancy (6 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and current parking restrictions
(Click for larger image)

Several factors were considered when deciding to move parking to the south side:

  • Stakeholder input
  • Parking study results
  • Solar exposure for the bicycle facilities to help with snow removal and ice control
  • Redevelopment on the north side and the requirements to accommodate parking on-site
  • Impact to businesses on the south side of 5 Avenue N.W., between 11A Street N.W. and 12 Street N.W.
  • Accommodating the single-family residential properties that front onto the south side of 5 Avenue N.W., between 10 Street N.W. and 11 Street N.W. (the high parking usage on the north side on this block was considered, but was also understood from stakeholder discussions that because there are no parking restrictions, this block is primarily used as a Park and Ride by people taking the LRT)
  • Availability of underground, lane or side street parking on the north side
  • Minimizing parking transitions between the north to the south sides of the road. More transitions result in additional parking loss

Public engagement and communications

Stakeholder Meetings

The first stakeholder meeting was held on February 26, 2015 and 11 people attended representing the Community Association, local businesses, the Calgary Police Service, cycling groups and school boards. Meeting attendees heard a presentation about why a bike lane is proposed in this area, the existing conditions for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, transit customers and motorists) and some of the challenges and opportunities for the proposed bike lanes. The project team also put forward some options for how the proposed bike lanes might be configured. The group discussed the possibilities and identified concerns and possible solutions. View a summary of the input.

The second stakeholder meeting was held on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association. Attendees heard a presentation about the input from the open house and online feedback form and the proposed plan for the 5 Avenue N.W. bikeway. Stakeholders also review the proposed bikeway on large maps and discussed the plans with the project team.

Public open house and online feedback

More than 50 people attended the open house on March 19, 2015, to view options for the proposed bikeway on 5 Avenue N.W. and talk with the project team. The open house display boards and feedback form were posted online from March 19 to March 27, 2015, and an additional 159 feedback forms were submitted. View a summary of the input.

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