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52 Street N.W. Bikeway Review

What's New

Construction on the 52 Street N.W. improvements is complete. Thank you for your patience!

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Project overview

The City of Calgary is working to make our city more liveable by improving access and safety for all road users. The City monitors and adjusts existing bikeways based on feedback from 311 calls, citizen requests to Councillors and dialogue with roadway users.

52 Street N.W. Cycle Track Improvements

Several improvements were implemented on 52 Street N.W., based on the priorities identified through public input and technical review:

  • 52 Street N.W., between Bowness Road N.W. and Home Road N.W., was re-paved as part of the Surface Overlay Program, including portions of the gravel driveway accesses to the Bowmont Park and Maranatha Church parking lots.
  • Curb extensions at Home Road N.W. and Bowness Road N.W.
  • Improved connectivity between the 52 Street N.W. cycle track and pathways at either end
  • New wheelchair ramps at 18 Avenue N.W.
  • Cycle track delineators were replaced

The project team heard that improved aesthetics for the cycle track barriers were a priority. We are investigating beautification possibilities and will follow up with a recommendation.

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Improvement plan

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Project goals

52 Street N.W. from Home Road to Bowness Road N.W. was reviewed to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve access, safety and mobility for all road users
  • Review operations and traffic flow
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the operation and quality of the existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Determine where on-street parking should be located

Public engagement & communications

Stakeholder meeting

Approximately 35 people attended the stakeholder meeting on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at the Maranatha Church. Meeting attendees heard a presentation about why the 52 and 53 Street N.W. bikeways need to be reviewed and improved, the existing conditions for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, transit customers and motorists) and some of the challenges and opportunities for the improvements. The project team and attendees discussed the possibilities and identified concerns and possible solutions for improvements.

Open house

Approximately 75 people attended the open house on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at FE Osborne School. Attendees were invited to speak with the project team and were asked to provide feedback on proposed improvement options. The open house display boards and feedback form were posted online from May 8 - 15, 2015.

Please read the input summary from the stakeholder meeting and open house for details.

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