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7 Street S.W. cycle track

7 Street S.W. has a cycle track from the Bow River Pathway to the alley way between 8 and 9 Avenue S.W. The cycle track is a bike lane protected by a physical barrier that separates people cycling from moving cars. Creating dedicated spaces for people to cycle will increase transportation choices for all Calgarians.

Since opening the 7 Street S.W. cycle track in July 2013, The City has been monitoring people travelling through the area, whether on foot, bike or car. The results are in:

  • An automated counter installed in December 2014 shows the number of cycling trips per day on 7 Street S.W.
  • 91% of people cycling on 7 Street S.W. are using the cycle track (it is sometimes necessary to ride outside the cycle track when preparing to turn)
  • The number of people bicycling on the sidewalk on 7 Street S.W. went from 25% before the cycle track to 1% after installing the cycle track
  • An education and enforcement campaign accompanied the installation of 7 Street S.W. cycle track in order for people driving, walking and cycling to better understand their rights, rules and responsibilities. Check out the How-to-guide and how to use the green bike turn box as a motorist and cyclist

You can read more details about the 7 Street S.W. cycle track in the frequently asked question summary sheet. This cycle track connects to the cycle track network pilot project.

Looking for directions on how to get around on your bike? Check out the interactive pathway and bikeway map or download the the app.

7 Street Cycle Track

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