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7 Street S.W. cycle track

Project update

In 2014, an In-Service Safety Review was conducted on the 7 Street S.W. cycle track The review found that many employees were riding on this block in the roadway against the flow of traffic or on the sidewalk. Based on this review, The City plans to extend the southern end of the cycle track by 30 metres to the alley way between 8 and 9 Avenue S.W. in the summer of 2015. This will facilitate safe access for people trying to access the bicycle parkades underneath Husky Tower and Alberta Place. This work will take place at the same time the 8 Avenue S.W. cycle track is installed, which also requires improvements to the intersection at 7 Street S.W. Other signage improvements identified in the review were fixed in 2014 or will be in 2015.

Since opening the 7 Street S.W. cycle track in July 2013, The City has been monitoring people travelling through the area, whether on foot, bike or car. The results are in:

  • The number of cycling trips per day on 7 Street S.W. continues to rise two years after installation. Immediately after opening, 1,160 trips were counted in August 2013 during a 24 hour period. In August 2014, The City counted again and recorded 1,380 trips. The 7 Street S.W. cycle track is the busiest on-street bikeway in Calgary.
  • To facilitate year round counting on 7 Street S.W. an automated counter was installed in December, 2014. That data is available for public viewing.
  • 91% of people cycling on 7 Street S.W. are using the cycle track (it is sometimes necessary to ride outside the cycle track when preparing to turn)
  • The number of people bicycling on the sidewalk on 7 Street S.W. went from 25% before the cycle track to 1% after installing the cycle track
  • An education and enforcement campaign accompanied the installation of 7 Street S.W. cycle track in order for people driving, walking and cycling to better understand their rights, rules and responsibilities. Check out the How-to-guide and how to use the green bike turn box as a motorist and cyclist.

You can read more details about the 7 Street S.W. cycle track in the frequently asked question summary sheet. This cycle track is the first one of the future east-west/north-south Centre City cycle track network.

7 Street Cycle Track

Project background

As part of the Centre City cycle track network, The City reviewed two options for the Centre City’s first cycle track:

  1. One-way cycle track that follows the direction of traffic on 6 Street S.W. and 7 Street S.W.
  2. Two-way cycle track on 7 Street S.W. 

After an internal City review and an external review with the Centre City Bicycle Projects Committee, an external stakeholder group that represents citizens who work, live and travel in Calgary’s downtown area, the two-way cycle track on 7 Street S.W. was chosen as the better of the two options through the 7 Street S.W. cycle track evaluation summary

Public engagement

The City met with building managers, business owners and residents in the 7 Street S.W. area in January and February, and hosted two public information sessions on February 25 and 26. As a result of feedback from Calgarians at these meetings, a number of items were changed in the roadway design:

  • Added on-street parking
  • Redesigned a residential loading zone
  • Relocated bus stops
  • Added esthetic and urban design opportunities (planters, lighting, public art)
  • Added bike parking
  • Improved the transition from the pathway to 7 Street S.W. 

Design highlights

You can see the cycle track design by clicking on the following PDFs:

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