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Bridgeland Cycle Track on Edmonton Trail

What's New

The cycle track is open and the pedestrian improvements are complete! Thank you for your patience during construction.

Check out the Bridgeland Cycle Track on Edmonton Trail How-To Guide for tips and safety information to help all road users #movetogether.

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Project overview

Bicycle facilities
The two-way cycle track on Edmonton Trail N.E. connects the neighbourhoods of Bridgeland and Crescent Heights to businesses, the Bow River Pathway and downtown.

Cycle tracks are family-friendly bikeways, extending the comfort of the river pathway into the community, where most trips begin or end. They offer a safe and more predictable experience for people walking, cycling and driving because they are separated by a physical barrier from moving and parked cars.

On 1 Avenue N.E., between Edmonton Trail N.E. and 4 Street N.E., a bicycle lane (on the south side) and a shared lane with motorists (on the north side) has also been installed to create an east-west bikeway connection to Crescent Heights.

Bicycle turn boxes were installed at 1 Avenue and Edmonton Trail N.E. to provide a safe and visible space for people cycling to make turns.

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People cycling have the same rights and responsibilities as people driving and must obey the rules of the road.

  • People are only allowed to ride bicycles on the sidewalk when signage allowing it is present or the person riding the bicycle is under the age of 14. Where sidewalk riding is permitted, please ride slowly and with care.
  • People cycling must use hand signals to indicate turns to other road users.

What you need to know to move together along the Bridgeland Cycle Track

When driving:
  • People are only allowed to ride bicycles on the sidewalk when signage allowing it is present or the person riding the bicycle is under the age of 14. Where sidewalk riding is permitted, please ride slowly and with care.
  • People cycling must use hand signals to indicate turns to other road users.
When cycling:
  • Watch for vehicles crossing your path (green dashed pavement markings indicate locations where people cycling and driving may cross paths).
  • Follow bike signage.
  • Yield to people walking in crosswalks.
When walking:
  • Watch for turning vehicles entering and exiting driveways and alleys.
  • Look both ways and yield to people cycling when walking across a cycle track.

For more information on signs, signals and how-to information, view the How-to brochure.

For more information on how to use cycle tracks, please check out the Centre City Cycle Track Network How to Tips Guide.

Pedestrian improvements

As part of the project, The City explored improvements for all road users. In addition to the cycle track reducing crossing distances for people walking, several new curb ramps and a new pathway on the south side of Memorial Drive N.E., between Edmonton Trail N.E. and 4 Street N.E. were implemented.

Bridgeland cycle track on Edmonton Tr. N.E.
Bridgeland cycle track on Edmonton Trail N.E. 

Improvement plan

Please view the improvement plan for details about the cycle track, bicycle lane and shared lane.

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Parking changes

On-street parking on 1 Avenue N.E. was removed between 4 Street N.E. and Edmonton Trail to fit the mobility improvements.

While repairing a drainage issue on the south side of 1 Avenue N.E., The City created a layby to replace two permit parking stalls that were removed to fit the bike lanes. The sidewalk was narrowed to create enough space for this improvement.

Parking restrictions were reduced on 17 spaces on 4 Avenue N.E. Six off-peak parking spaces were added on 4 Street N.E. and 10 have been added on Edmonton Trail N.E.

The project team carefully considered several factors when deciding how to balance the needs of all stakeholders and people traveling on Edmonton Trail and 1 Avenue N.E.

The City understands parking loss is difficult and decisions about changes to roadways often involve difficult trade-offs. The City worked closely with area businesses to determine the best plan to improve access to the area for all road users.

Map showing parking changes on Edmonton Trail and 4 Street N.E.
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Parking in bicycle lanes is prohibited

Bicycle lanes are dedicated and marked on-street traffic lanes for the exclusive use of people cycling, as defined by Calgary Traffic Bylaw.

Memorial Drive N.E. Improvements

Memorial Dr. Construction Cyclists Dismount 

The City is installing a reversible left-turn lane between Edmonton Trail N.E. and 4 Street N.E. to reduce delays for people driving or using transit in this area. While construction is ongoing, people using the cycle track are asked to dismount at Memorial Drive N.E. For more information, please visit the project web page.

Why was Edmonton Trail N.E. identified for improvements?

  • Improve bicycle connections to the Bow River pathway system, downtown and the surrounding neighbourhoods and businesses
  • Opportunity to improve pedestrian crossings on a wide street
  • Improve access to Edmonton Trail N.E. and the 1 Avenue N.E. Main Streets
  • Opportunity to install a safe and predictable bikeway for all ages and abilities
  • Opportunity to increase on-street parking (outside of peak periods) to support neighbourhood businesses
  • Align with Area Redevelopment Plans
  • Opportunity to repurpose extra space on the road between Memorial Drive and 1 Avenue N.E.
  • Opportunity to improve safety by narrowing the road while still moving traffic efficiently

Public engagement & communications

Stakeholder Meeting

The project team met with stakeholders on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. There were 13 attendees and 18 feedback forms collected (11 at the meeting and seven online).

Meeting attendees heard a presentation about why a bikeway was proposed in this area, the existing conditions for all road users (people who walk, cycle, take transit and drive) and some of the challenges and opportunities for the proposed bikeway. The project team also put forward some ideas about how the proposed bikeway might look. The group discussed the possibilities and identified concerns and possible solutions. Please review the meeting notes and feedback summary for more detail.

Using stakeholder feedback, technical analysis and budget considerations the project team developed a bikeway design, and identified locations to add on-street parking and several opportunities to improve pedestrian crossings.

Public open house and online feedback

More than 100 people attended the open house on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association. In all, more than 300 feedback forms were submitted.

View the input summary for details on what was heard.

Stakeholder Meeting #2

A second stakeholder meeting was originally scheduled for June 2016 to review the final plans, but has been removed from the engagement process due to a fast-tracked construction timeline. The Memorial Drive Improvement Project and re-paving of Edmonton Trail provided an opportunity to cost-effectively coordinate the three projects to improve operations along Edmonton Trail.

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