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Cycle Tracks Shared Space

Stephen Avenue & Olympic Plaza shared space

Stephen Avenue and the Olympic Plaza block run on 8 Avenue S. from 3 Street S.W. to Macleod Trail S.E.

These blocks run as a shared space by allowing people to bike along this route during the daytime hours, providing an important connection in the cycle track network.

  • Between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. people walking and cycling share the space.
  • Between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. people walking use the sidewalk, and bicycles and cars share the roadway.

People riding bicycles are asked to keep to the right in the roadway. If there are a lot of pedestrians, or a road closure, please dismount and walk your bicycle. See the Stephen Avenue travel tips to learn more.


The look of Stephen Avenue and the Olympic Plaza block has not changed significantly.

Design changes include:

  • New gates at intersections along Stephen Avenue. The new gates are shorter in length, allowing people to more easily walk or ride a bike through the intersections onto the street.
  • New painted crosswalks and mid-block pavement markings make the intersections and pedestrian crossing areas more visible.
  • Bicycle symbols have been painted on the pavement to suggest where people should ride and to remind people to expect bicycles.

Bicycle Advisory Committee

  • The City established a Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) in 2014 to provide input on planning and design for mixed use on Stephen Avenue. The BAC includes representatives from Stephen Avenue businesses, merchants and community organizations.
  • The last BAC meeting was held on November 9, 2016