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East Central Bikeways

What's New

Changes to the recommended network
Throughout the year-long public engagement process, The City collected feedback about bicycle routes and facilities, and intersection and pedestrian improvements. The public helped The City identify two east-west bicycle routes and one north-south route, which make up the recommended bicycle network. Curb extensions, new accessible ramps at intersections and flashing pedestrian crossings will improve safety for people walking. Due to limited funding, The City will phase construction beginning this summer. Please see the updated routes and details below.

Name change
This project was originally called a bikeways project so people were aware of the bicycle facilities that would be added to the road. We have changed the name to more accurately reflect the scope of the project, which includes improvements for all transportation modes, as laid out in The City's Complete Streets Policy and Guide.

Complete Streets consider the needs of all road users, including age, physical ability and income level. They benefit everyone by providing need-based transportation option that encourages people to walk, cycle and take transit.

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Updated East Central Complete Street Network

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Phase 1 – 2017

North-South: Marlborough Way N.E. / 40 Street S.E. (between Marlborough Drive N.E. and 19 Avenue N.E.)

Improvements for people cycling:

  • Combination of on-street bike lanes and shared spaces for vehicles and bicycles
  • New bike ramps for entry/exit into Fonda Park
  • New paved pathway to connect 40 Street S.E., between 16 Avenue S.E. and 17 Avenue S.E.

This update connects people who bike directly to the signed bicycle route on 40 Street S.E. and better connects with the intersection improvements included in the 17 Avenue S.E. Transitway project.

*The plans have been updated since the last open house to continue the bicycle lanes on 40 Street N.E., rather than jogging over one block to 41 Street S.E. at 12 Avenue S.E.

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Improvements for people walking:

  • Memorial Drive and Marlborough Way N.E. intersection
    • Re-align pedestrian crossings
    • Improve accessibility by adding new curb ramps
  • Maryvale Drive N.E.
    • Add a new flashing pedestrian crossing and curb extension
    • Shorten pedestrian crossing distance
    • Improve safety by reducing vehicle speeds

East-West: 8 Avenue S.E. / 10 Avenue S.E. (Barlow Trail S.E. to 52 Street S.E.)

Improvements for people cycling:

  • Combination of on-street bike lanes and shared spaces for vehicles and bicycles
    *The recommended network shown at the public open house extended the bicycle lanes east of 52 Street S.E. to Penbrook Drive S.E. This section will be constructed in a later phase due to limited funding.
  • New ramps at 24 Street S.E. and 10 Street S.E. for easier accessibility across Barlow Trail S.E.
  • New bicycle lanes and connection to Franklin LRT Station
  • Upgraded walkways with new paement between alleyway and Raynard Crescent S.E. (northwest and northeast corners) to provide connection to new marked bicycle route on Raynard Crescent S.E.
  • New paved portion of alleyway between 8 Avenue S.E. and 36 Street S.E. to connect with bike lanes east of 36 Street S.E.

Improvements for people walking:

  • A new flashing pedestrian crossing and curb extensions will be added at 8 Avenue and 40 Street S.E. to shorten pedestrian crossing distance, improve safety and slow vehicle speeds.
  • Improved pathways and new accessible ramps at 8 Ave. and 36 St. S.E.
  • New ramps at Forlee Dr. and 8 Ave. S.E. to improve pedestrian accessibility to and from Jack James High School


Phase 2 - 2018

Phase 2 will be constructed when funding becomes available, and will include a second east-west route on Marlborough Drive N.E. / Maidstone Drive N.E. (between Penbrook Drive S.E. and Barlow Trail N.E.) and 8 Avenue N.E. / 5 Avenue N.E., west of 36 Street N.E.

Project overview

The City of Calgary is working to accommodate growth and make our city more liveable by providing transportation choices. Complete Streets contribute to creating vibrant, healthy communities. While the current transportation network in this area provides adequate facilities for automobiles, there is currently limited quality infrastructure for people who want to bicycle or walk. The City has been working with stakeholders and the community to identify bikeway routes and facilities and improving conditions for those who drive, walk or bicycle.

Specifically, the project will improve:

  • safety and mobility for all road users in the study area
  • bicycle connectivity within neighbourhoods, to businesses, the pathway system and City Centre
  • road design to make walking, biking, taking transit and driving safe, predictable and accessible for all road users

Public engagement & communications

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Stakeholder meeting #1

Nine people attended the first stakeholder meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at the Forest Heights Community Association. Meeting attendees heard a presentation about why The City is trying to improve bicycle facilities in east central Calgary, some of the considerations for planning a bikeway network and the current conditions for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, transit customers and motorists). The project team and meeting attendees discussed the challenges and opportunities for implementing bikeways in the area, and identified key destinations inside and outside the communities for people who bicycle.

Meeting attendees said providing connections across busy roads and the Bow River were the most important factors for improving conditions for people who bicycle. View the public input summary for more details.

Open house #1

Approximately 30 people attended the first open house on June 10, 2015 at the Forest Heights Community Association to share their thoughts about possible bikeway routes in east central Calgary. Feedback was also collected online from June 11 - 18, 2015.  A total of 56 feedback forms were collected. 

View the June 10, 2015 open house display boards and the public input summary for more details.

Stakeholder meeting #2

The second stakeholder meeting was held on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at the Forest Heights Community Association.

Meeting attendees heard a presentation about how public input was used to create the proposed bike network for east central Calgary. The group discussed which routes should be prioritized for construction. The group also provided suggestions for improvements and possible new routes. View a summary of the discussion and feedback.

Public open house and online feedback

More than 40 people attended the open house on April 13, 2016 at the Forest Heights Community Association.
View a summary of the input.

Next Steps

Detailed design is currently being completed on Phase 1 routes. The City will post final plans online when they are available and will communicate with stakeholders before and during construction, which will begin this summer.

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