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Northmount Drive N.W. bikeway

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Thank you for your input! We received more than 600 feedback forms and are summarizing the results. The feedback summary will be posted online in April.

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Project overview

The City of Calgary is working to accommodate growth and make Calgary a more liveable city by providing transportation choices. Walkable and bikeable neighbourhoods contribute to creating vibrant, healthy communities. Northmount Drive N.W., between Northland Drive N.W. and Cambrian Drive N.W./10 Street N.W., has been identified to have bicycle facilities installed.

The City is working to assess and recommend a proposed street design to accommodate bicycle users between Northland Drive N.W. and Cambrian Drive N.W./10 Street N.W.

The project goals are to:

  • Improve safety and mobility for all road users on Northmount Drive N.W.
  • Complete a gap in the bicycle network by connecting to existing facilities on Northland Drive N.W. and Cambrian Drive N.W./ 10 Street N.W.
  • Identify opportunities to improve cycling connections to destinations like Nose Hill Park, Brentwood, Northland Village Mall and the University of Calgary.

Study area

(Click for larger image)

Why has Northmount Drive N.W. been identified for a bikeway?

  • It fulfills a strong desire line for people riding bicycles in northwest Calgary.
  • Provides direct access to businesses, schools and transit for people who bicycle.
  • There are existing traffic signals, which are preferred by people who bicycle over roads with stop signs or uncontrolled intersections to avoid having to stop and start every block. Traffic signals also facilitate safer crossings, particularly at large intersections like 14 Street N.W.
  • The proposed route is identified in The City’s Pathway & Bikeways Implementation Plan (2001).
  • To support the high bicycle use in northwest Calgary as reported in 2013 Bicycle Program Yearbook.
  • Provides better access to many key destinations, such as Nose Hill Park, Brentwood LRT Station and several schools, parks and businesses.


Strava is a website and mobile application that uses GPS to track users’ cycling activity. Strava is a voluntary application and its data does not represent all people who bicycle in the area. The Strava cycling data for Northmount Drive N.W. shows a clear desire line from Northland Drive N.W. to Cambrian Drive N.W. It also shows strong connections to Brisebois Drive N.W., Charleswood Drive N.W., 19 Street N.W. and 14 Street N.W. Strava data, along with stakeholder and community input, will help the project improve the roadway design for all users.

Heat map showing cyclist usage based on Strava data. The red lines indicate high cyclist activity (the darker the line the more users) and the blue lines represent few to no people who bicycle. This image is from

Have other streets been considered?

Alternate streets have been considered but did not provide the same benefits as Northmount Drive N.W., such as:

  • Direct and continuous connections to other bikeways on Northland Drive N.W. and Cambrian Drive N.W./ 10 Street N.W.
  • Priority 1 snow clearance
  • A central location to serve the communities between Crowchild Trail and John Laurie Boulevard.
  • Existing traffic signals which provide the fastest, most efficient route and facilitate safer crossings, particularly at large intersections like 14 Street N.W. 

Map showing existing bikeways in the study area.

Parking use

Parking is currently permitted on both sides of Northmount Drive N.W. for the majority of the study area except in front of schools. The City conducted a parking study and found that most on-street parking is used less than 65 per cent of the time. Parking on several side streets is highly used (80 per cent or greater); however parking on the majority of side streets is under-used. This data will help inform if and how parking could be adjusted.

Map showing parking use based on a parking study conducted by The City of Calgary.

Public engagement & communications

The public engagement process includes two stakeholder meetings, two public open houses, online feedback, and ongoing communications. Adjacent residents and community members will be invited to participate and provide their feedback at an open house in winter/spring 2016.

(Click for larger image)

Stakeholder meeting

The first stakeholder meeting was held on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at the Triwood Community Association. Attendees represented adjacent residents, Community Associations, Bike Calgary, area schools and businesses.

Meeting attendees heard a presentation about why a bikeway is proposed in this area, the existing conditions for all road users (those who walk, bicycle, take transit and drive) and some of the challenges and opportunities for the proposed bikeway. Attendees formed smaller groups to discuss the study area and identify concerns and possible solutions with the project team.

After the meeting we heard:

  • Concerns about the proposed bikeway impacting parking and school pick-ups/drop-offs
  • A need for designated roadway space for people who bicycle to improve cyclist safety along the study area
  • Traffic congestion is a concern
  • The area sidewalks are in poor condition

Open house and online feedback

More than 250 people attended the open house on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at the Triwood Community Association. Feedback forms were available online from February 17 – 24, 2016. In total, more than 600 feedback forms were submitted. The project team is reviewing and summarizing the input. A summary report will be posted online in April.

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