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Northmount Drive N.W. Improvement Project

What's New

See the Phase 1 improvement plans below.
Join The City at a public information session to see the Phase 1 plans.
Date: May 30, 2017
Time: 6 – 8:00 p.m.
Location: Cambrian Heights Community Hall (600 Northmount Drive N.W.)

The City will communicate with stakeholders before and during construction which will begin this summer.

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Project Update

Through engagement with the community and stakeholders, The City has updated the design for Northmount Drive N.W. to better address the concerns that were heard about the corridor. With increased scope and costs for the updated design, The City will phase construction on Northmount Drive N.W., starting this summer with Phase 1 with pedestrian improvements along the corridor and operational improvements at the 14 Street N.W. intersection.

Phase 1, from Cambrian Drive N.W. to Carol Drive N.W., will improve safety and operations at the intersection. This will include:

  • Advance left turn signal for transit
  • A new bus bay
  • Lengthened left-turn lane from westbound Northmount Drive N.W. to southbound 14 Street N.W.
  • Accessibility improvements for pedestrians at 14 Street N.W.
  • Pedestrian improvements at both Carol Drive N.W. and Cambrian Drive N.W.
  • Bike lanes extended to Carol Drive N.W. creating a bicycle connection through the intersection
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There will be no impacts to parking from Cambrian Drive to Carol Drive N.W.

Construction is being coordinated with other City departments (Calgary Transit and Roads) to save costs and minimize impact to the community. The remainder of the corridor will be constructed as funding becomes available.

Pedestrian improvements

Phase 1 will also include the addition of nine low-cost curb extensions along the corridor to improve pedestrian safety by reducing crossing distances, improving visibility and reducing vehicle speeds. These improvements will be upgraded as funding becomes available.

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Project overview

The City of Calgary is working to accommodate growth and make our city more liveable city by providing transportation choices. Walkable and bikeable neighbourhoods contribute to creating vibrant, healthy communities.

Northmount Drive N.W. is scheduled for re-paving in 2017, which presents an opportunity to cost-effectively improve the current road design so it functions better for people who walk, bike, drive and take transit. The project will consider ways to improve traffic flow and pedestrian crossings, as well as accommodate bicycle lanes, which were recommended on Northmount Drive N.W. in the 2001 Pathway and Bikeway Implementation Plan and in the 2014 Complete Streets Guide.

Study area

Map showing key destinations along Northmount Drive N.W. and a gap in the bicycle network.
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Why are we doing this project?

This project will improve safety and mobility for all users on Northmount Drive N.W.:

People walking

  • Improve pedestrian crossings and school pick-up and drop-off zones
  • Identify new pedestrian crossings
  • Improve safety by reducing speeding

People driving

  • Improve and/or manage congestion
  • Reduce speeding and collisions
  • Make the road more predictable
  • Improve school bus zones

People biking

This project will take advantage of the planned road resurfacing on Northmount Drive N.W. and aligns with Council policies (Complete StreetsCycling Strategy and Pathway & Bikeways Implementation Plan (2001)).

Have other streets been considered?

The City analyzed Capri Avenue N.W. and John Laurie Boulevard N.W. as possible alternate routes. These streets were considered, but did not provide the same benefits as Northmount Drive N.W.

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Parking use

Parking is currently permitted on both sides of Northmount Drive N.W. for the majority of the study area except in front of schools. The City conducted parking studies in November 2014 (weekday study from 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and April 2016 (weekend study from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) and found that most on-street parking is used less than 50 per cent of the time. Parking on several side streets is highly used (80 per cent or greater); however parking on the majority of side streets is under-used.

This data along with public input, helped to inform the proposed parking changes.

For information on residential parking permits and how to establish a new parking permit zone, please visit the Residential Parking Permit Program.

Map showing parking use based on parking studies conducted by The City of Calgary.

Public engagement & communications

Since 2015, The City has been working with people who live, work and travel on Northmount Drive N.W. to develop a Complete Street improvement plan for the corridor, which would safely accommodate all travel modes. Throughout the year-long engagement process, over 500 people attended the engagement events and over 1,000 in-person and online feedback forms were collected (available below). The City learned that issues of speeding, pedestrian safety, congestion and school site safety are long-standing concerns along the corridor. The project team worked with the community and stakeholders to develop a design to better address those concerns.

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Community association meetings

The project team has met with the Triwood Community Association several times to discuss the project and attended the annual general meeting. The team has also attended Brentwood and Cambrian Heights Community Associations’ Board meetings to share information about the project.

Next Steps

Detailed design is currently being completed on Phase 1 (Northmount Drive and 14 Street N.W. intersection). The City will post final plans online when they are available and will communicate with stakeholders before and during construction, which will begin this summer.

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