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Bikeway Projects

What's New

New Bikeways

The City of Calgary is working to achieve the targets set out in the Council-approved Cycling Strategy to become a bike friendly city by planning, designing and building more on-street bikeways, particularly bike lanes and cycle tracks. Research has shown properly designed and constructed bikeways can encourage more people to choose cycling as a viable form of transportation by improving safety and comfort. In addition to the Centre City Cycle Track Network pilot project, several other corridors have been identified for improvements across Calgary.

Since 2011, The City has installed 58 km of new bikeways. On-street bikeways complement The City’s growing network of off-street pathways. Together they create a network that improve safety and access to those who want to bicycle for recreation or to destinations such as school, work or shopping.

Funding for bikeway projects comes from the Council-approved City-Wide Active Modes program, which is part of the Transportation Business Plan and Budget. Whenever possible, The City implements bikeway improvements with scheduled road paving to cost-effectively improve the roadway design so it functions better for all users, and install the infrastructure and pavement markings with minimal disruptions.

Current Projects

Review and Improve Existing Bikeways

The City also monitors and adjusts existing bikeways based on feedback from 3-1-1 calls, citizen requests to Councillors and dialogue with bikeway users. The following existing bikeway routes have been identified for review and improvement:


The route reviews include a combination of technical analysis and stakeholder input to understand and identify was to improve the existing bikeways so they operate more effectively for all road users.  

Completed improvement projects

Stay informed

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