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Richmond Road S.W. Improvements

17 Avenue S.W. to 20 Avenue S.W.

Project update

The new bike lanes on Richmond Road S.W. are now open! Work is complete on all bicycle and pedestrian improvements. Thank you for your patience during construction!

The City of Calgary is working to make our city more liveable by creating vibrant, healthy communities through walkable and bikeable neighbourhoods. Based on stakeholder feedback for both the 20 Street S.W. Bikeway Project and the Crowchild Trail Study Project and through 311 requests, The City identified an opportunity to improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between 17 Avenue S.W. and 20 Avenue S.W. by installing bike lanes and sidewalk on Richmond Road S.W. This project provides a connection from the 20 Street S.W. bikeway further into the inner city.

This project included:

  • Relocating the curb on the west side of Richmond Road S.W. to create space for bike lanes.
  • Adding new bike ramps at 17 Avenue S.W. to allow better access for people who bicycle
  • Install a bike only signal phase in the northbound direction approaching 17 Avenue S.W. to reduce conflicts with right turning traffic.
  • Relocating the bus stop in the westbound direction from the middle of the intersection at the 17 Avenue and Richmond Road S.W. 50 meters west on 17 Avenue S.W.
  • Adding new sidewalk along the west side of Richmond Road S.W. between 17 Avenue S.W. and the Crowchild Trail on-ramps and through the green space on the north side of the hospital helicopter pad, to connect bus stop locations.
  • Maintaining the same number of travel lanes for moving vehicular traffic.

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Project Goals

  • Improving the road design to reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety, access and mobility for all road users
  • Improving bicycle and pedestrian connectivity
  • Planning for and accommodating growth
  • Providing transportation choices
  • Creating vibrant, healthy communities through walkable and bikeable neighbourhoods

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