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Stephen Avenue Pilot Project


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Top things to know about the Stephen Avenue Pilot Project

  • Beginning 18 June 2015, Stephen Avenue is now open to both pedestrians and cyclists during the day for a pilot project. The results of the pilot project will be reviewed by City Council in December 2016.
  • The City has an education program that provides information on how to use the cycle tracks and shared space on Stephen Avenue and Olympic Plaza. See the Stephen Avenue travel tips to learn more.
  • Examples of what these blocks look like as a shared space are below.

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What's a shared space?

There is no cycle track on Stephen Avenue. A cycle track is a bike lane separated by a physical barrier. A shared space does not require any physical barriers or new road infrastructure. It allows the current space to be shared by both people walking and people cycling between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. After these hours, people walking use the sidewalk, and bicycles and cars share the roadway.

Project Overview

Stephen Avenue runs from 1 Street S.E. to 3 Street S.W. Prior to the pilot it was a pedestrian-only street from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. As part of the Cycle Track Network Pilot Project, The City has created a shared space on Stephen Avenue that accommodates both pedestrians and cyclists during the day. The design was developed in consultation with merchants along Stephen Avenue and with the public. Stephen Avenue provides an important connection in the cycle track network.

Olympic Plaza block

The Olympic Plaza block, on 8 Avenue S. from Macleod Trail S.E. to 1 Street S.E., is an important connection between Stephen Avenue and the cycle track pilot project on 9 Avenue S.E. The Olympic Plaza block operates as a slow, shared street where people who walk, ride a bike or drive safely share the street.


The look of Stephen Avenue and the Olympic Plaza block has not changed significantly during the pilot project.

Design changes include:

  • New gates at intersections along Stephen Avenue. The new gates are shorter in length, allowing people to more easily walk or ride a bike through the intersections onto the street. The new gates will be permanent.
  • New painted crosswalks and mid-block pavement markings make the intersections and pedestrian crossing areas more visible.
  • Bicycle symbols have been painted on the pavement to suggest where people should ride and to remind people to expect bicycles.


Stephen Avenue and the Olympic Plaza block are slow streets that allow people who walk, bike or drive to safely move around each other (cars are allowed on Stephen Avenue in the westbound direction between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m). The City’s Bylaw Services team and Calgary Police Services are working together to help ensure the streets are safe for everyone.

Bicycle Advisory Committee

  • The City established a Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) in 2014 to provide input on planning and design for mixed use on Stephen Avenue. The BAC includes representatives from Stephen Avenue businesses, merchants and community organizations.
  • The last BAC meeting was held on September 15, 2015. Additional meetings with the BAC are planned through to 2016 to monitor implementation of the pilot.