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Types of cycle tracks


Types of cycle tracks and routes

Two-way cycle tracks

5 Street, 7 Street and 12 Avenue

Two-way cycle tracks are on the same one side of the roadway on each of these streets. People cycling are allowed to ride in both directions and need to obey the new bicycle signals that have been installed at all intersections. You will see this type of cycle track typically on roads that allow cars to travel one-way.

One-way cycle tracks

8 Avenue and 9 Avenue

One-way cycle tracks are on each side of the road. People cycling travel in the same direction as vehicle traffic and follow regular traffic signals.

Shared space

Stephen Avenue and the Olympic Plaza block

Stephen Avenue and Olympic Plaza allow cycling in a shared space with no physical barriers. People cycling should ride to the right of the roadway, and not on the sidewalks, should follow all road closure signs by dismounting when necessary, and should pass with care. Some routes include sections of shared sidewalk for people cycling and walking. People cycling must yield to people walking.

Connections to Cycle Tracks

Bike lane

9 Avenue S.E., 11 Street S.W

An on-street travel lane designated for the exclusive use of bicycles. Identified by a painted line, bicycle and diamond shaped pavement markings and signs.

Shared lane

2 Street S.W.

A travel lane on a street that is shared by motor vehicles and bicycles. A marked shared lane is identified by pavement markings and signs. Depending on the width of the travel lane and signage, motor vehicles and bicycles can travel side by side or single file.

Signed bicycle route

3 Avenue S.W.

A street identified as a bicycle route by blue and white route signage. Signed bicycle routes may be found on streets with low or high volumes of vehicle traffic. Some low volume signed routes can be upgraded into neighbourhood greenways.