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West LRT bicycle route improvements - phase 1

In the West LRT line service area, The City is installing a number of cycling improvements including on-street bicycle lanes, shared lanes and new on-street bike routes. Installation of the West LRT bicycle route improvements - Phase 1 is scheduled for 2012 and 2013. Supported by the Cycling Strategy, the improvements will connect the cycling network in west Calgary directly to three West LRT stations and these other destinations:

Public engagement

Planning for Phase 1 began in spring 2011 and includes bicycle routes to the Shaganappi Point, Westbrook and 45 Street Stations. Through 2011, The City consulted with a group of Calgarians from neighbouring communities and the cycling community. The City hosted a public information session on May 2, 2012, where citizens saw the proposed routes and provided feedback, which was considered in the final bicycle route designs.

Planning for Phase 2 begins in 2013 and includes cycling route improvements in the communities beside the Sunalta station. For Phase 2, The City will call together a group of Calgarians from the neighbouring communities and the cycling community to provide input on the routes.

Drawings and design

Many of these cycling routes include road improvements such as traffic circles, curb extensions and speed reduction measures. See the Glossary of Terms to learn more about the different types of route improvements.

Route to Westbrook Station

The City will start adjusting bike lane road markings on Spruce Drive S.W. this week. Lines marking the existing bike lane along Spruce Drive S.W. from 3 Avenue and Cedar Crescent S.W. will be removed starting Wednesday, June 12 at 9 a.m. New lines will be painted starting Thursday, June 13 at midnight until 5 a.m. One vehicle lane and one bike lane per direction will stay in place. Curbside parking will also be added at Quest School (southbound near 3 Avenue S.W.) and at Spruce Cliff Downs (northbound near Cedar Crescent S.W.). These changes allow safe school bus loading at Quest School and provide curbside parking to Spruce Cliff Downs residents.

Family friendly bike routes to the 45 Street and Westbrook Stations

These family friendly, quiet, low-traffic streets will provide alternatives to 45 Street S.W.



Westgate and Rosscarrock route to Westbrook Station

A combination of traffic measures provides an easy connection to Westbrook Mall and Westbrook Station from Westgate and Rosscarrock along 13 Avenue S.W. from 37 Street to 45 Street.

Routes to Shaganappi Point Station

Jacques Lodge/Shaganappi Park area

A combination of family friendly bike routes, regional pathways, a pedestrian overpass and speed reduction measures will provide access to the Shaganappi Point Station.

Shaganappi area

Bike routes and connectors along 12 Avenue S.W. and 14 Avenue S.W. will provide access to the Shaganappi Point and Westbrook Stations.

Bicycle parking

Convenient and easy-to-access bicycle parking is planned at all six West LRT stations.

  • Parking located as close as possible to the station entrances
  • Sheltered bicycle racks offered at all 6 West LRT stations
  • More bicycle parking will be phased in over time to match demand

Connect with cycling

Transportation staff welcomes comments or questions about these bikeway improvements.

Bikeway feedback


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