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Cycling survey and committee

The cycling survey results are in!

HarGroup Management Consultants conducted a telephone and online survey in September 2010 asking Calgarians about barriers to cycling and possible measures to encourage people to cycle more often. These surveys were the first comprehensive effort to hear from all Calgarians about cycling.

And the results? Calgarians want to cycle! Nineteen per cent of Calgarians already ride at least once a week, and more than half – 59 per cent in the telephone survey and 63 per cent in the online – said they would like to cycle more often. The most common reasons were for exercise and because it's a fun way to get around. The online respondents also thought it was more convenient than other forms of transportation.

Eighty per cent of telephone survey respondents and 64 per cent of online survey respondents do not feel safe cycling in traffic. When asked to suggest improvements, more than 80 per cent of Calgarians in both surveys suggested a form of bicycle-only space: physically protected cycle routes, separate pathways and bike lanes.

Both the telephone and online survey results are available for download below. The cycling committee stakeholder group also identified and prioritized cycling barriers. The first priority for the committee is "street concerns", which includes issues related to traffic safety. The second priority is "pathway concerns," which includes issues related to safety on multi-use pathways.

The survey results and committee input will be used to develop actions for the Comprehensive Cycling Strategy. For more details on this process, please see the Engagement process for a Cycling Strategy.

Cycling survey FAQs

Isn't The City concerned that the online survey responses only reflect the views of special interest groups?

The City weighed the results of both surveys, as well as input from the cycling committee, in developing our strategy.

The online survey asked the same questions as the telephone survey. Respondents to the online survey are much more likely to cycle at least once a week, and represent an experienced and valuable resource. They have insight into barriers that may not occur to those who cycle less frequently. We can also identify areas where both the online and telephone surveys agree.

I understand that there was a cycling committee – what was the purpose of the committee?

The committee was formed to help identify barriers and issues that keep Calgarians from cycling or cycling more often. The committee met three times to prioritize the barriers and provide feedback on the actions in the strategy.

I applied but wasn't chosen – who was on the Committee?

The City received a strong response for the 10 places on the committee. The 10 Calgarians chosen represented a variety of cycling skill and comfort levels, ages, cycling interests and family status. These members were joined by one youth representative and four representatives from different cycling organizations (the Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Advisory Council, Bike Calgary, the Elbow Valley Cycle Club and the Calgary tour de Nuit Society).

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