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Cycling and transit

Bikes on CTrains

Bring your bike on ctrains and buses
  • Bikes are not allowed on the CTrain during this time (6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) on weekdays.
  • No restrictions on weekends and statutory holidays.
  • Bikes may be prohibited on the train at any time due to crowded or unsafe conditions (e.g. before and after a concert or a football game).

Walk your bike

assigned built-in lock
  • Cyclists must walk their bikes in CTrain stations, onto CTrains and on the platforms, pedestrian bridges and access ramps.

Enter & exit for cyclists

assigned built-in lock
  • Enter and exit the CTrain through the doors at the front and back of each car. Four bikes are allowed on each car; two at either end.

Underage cyclists

assigned built-in lock
  • Cyclists under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Customer right of way

assigned built-in lock
  • Cyclists must give right-of-way to other CTrain customers and remain with their bikes at all times.

Bikes on buses

Bring your bike on buses
  • Bus route 20 (Heritage/Northmount) is designated as a route that will consistently have bike racks. There is no extra charge for use of these racks.
  • These routes will be reviewed after one year to determine the viability of providing bike racks on buses. Calgary Transit hopes that by guaranteeing bike racks on these routes, where customers have a higher demand and where it is operationally feasible to allocate them accurately out of the garage, Calgary Transit will be able to demonstrate success and value for the program in the years to come.
  • Route, schedule and program information is available at the Calgary Transit Customer Service Centre at 240 – 7th Avenue S.W. Call 403-262-1000 or visit Calgary Transit.

Biking to the CTrain

assigned built-in lock
  • Bike racks are available at all CTrain stations.

Assigned lockers

assigned built-in lock
  • There are 118 fully–enclosed bike lockers available at these CTrain stations:
    • Crowfoot - North Entrance (6), South Entrance (12)
    • Dalhousie (10)
    • Brentwood (8)
    • Whitehorn (6)
    • Chinook (4)
    • Anderson (10)
    • Canyon Meadows (8)
    • Fish Creek – Lacombe (16)
    • Shawnessy (12)
    • Somerset-Bridlewood (10)
    • Sunnyside (4)
    • McKnight-Westwinds (12) Apply in person.
    • For more information on assigned lockers, visit Calgary Transit's Bike Locker Program page.

Route, schedule and program information is available at the Calgary Transit Customer Service Centre at 240 – 7th Avenue S.W. Call 403-262-1000 or visit Calgary Transit.

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