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Cycling in Calgary

Cycling Initiatives and information centre

Centre City Cycle Track Network will give Calgarians a safe and convenient space to ride bicycles in and through the busy Centre City.

Plan your winter bike trip Learn about snow clearing, gravel sweeping, riding tips and winter cycling events.

Bicycle data assists with the bikeway planning and monitor trends over time.

Cycling events happen all year round, find out what is coming up this season.

Check out the planned bikeway improvements to see what projects are in the works.

Plan your bike trip is a great way to map a safe, comfortable, fast ride.

Cycling education is important for cyclists of all ages and skill level. Look here for cycling classes, answers to your questions about bylaws, equipment and safety.

Cycling and walking maps provide detailed maps to popular Calgary destinations from the city centre.

The Cycling Strategy lays out 50 actions and a number of targets for the short, medium and long term that will help make cycling a comfortable and convenient travel option for more Calgarians.

Cycling resources and links shares The City's cycling documents and connects you to the cycling world.

Connect with cycling

Take a map on the go! The City of Calgary Pathways and Bikeways iPhone and Android App is free and available to download from the Apple and Google app stores.

Download the iOS App Download the Android App


Transportation staff appreciates your feedback, comments and request about cycling in Calgary. Your feedback helps us ensure we continue to meet the needs of city cyclists. If you have questions about preventing bike theft, please contact the Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234.

Cycling feedback or request


Join our online Facebook community for cycling tips, bike maps, info and news by pressing ‘Like’ on the City of Calgary Bicycle Program page.


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