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Looking for the convenience of a vehicle without the cost of ownership? Carsharing can be your solution.

Carsharing is a short-term vehicle rental service that’s perfect for those who require occasional use of a vehicle, or need one for short trips.

Vehicles are usually:

  • Accessible - located in or near residential neighbourhoods
  • Affordable - rates based on usage with no maintenance costs
  • Convenient - make reservations online or using your mobile device

How it works

Typically, users register with a carshare program provider which allows them to reserve vehicles for use. Vehicles are usually rented by minutes or hours for up to one day. Depending on the provider, you may be able to book a car for several days.

Why carshare?

Carsharing is a cheaper, greener option to vehicle ownership. Not only do you save on the cost of buying a vehicle, someone else will take care of maintenance and insurance. People who carshare also help ease congestion by taking cars off the road and reduce all the environmental impacts that go with it.

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