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Employer Mobility Programs

The City of Calgary’s Transportation Planning department will assist businesses and building managers in Calgary to develop trip reduction programs. A trip reduction program will make getting around Calgary for employees and tenants more sustainable, more convenient and easier while benefiting all Calgarians by reducing congestion and making more efficient use of transportation infrastructure.

Through the trip reduction program, the City of Calgary will assist businesses and building managers to engage, encourage, and enable employees and tenants to choose sustainable transportation options like walking, cycling, transit and carpooling as well as flexible work options such as flextime, compressed work week and telework.

Some of the options the trip reduction program offers include the following:

  • Baseline commuter survey and workplace audit
    The City of Calgary will provide assistance with the development, delivery and analysis of a confidential survey of the commuting behaviour and preferences of worksite employees. The survey will provide a baseline measure of current commuter travel behaviour and modes of transportation used as well as identify the demand for sustainable transportation options. The City will also assist in conducting a workplace audit or inventory of infrastructure, services, policy and practices that support sustainable transportation. The data collected through the survey can be used to help establish meaningful commuting goals for your business like reducing single occupancy vehicle trips by 10 per cent or increasing flextime schedules so one in four employees are on an alternative work schedule.
  • Customized commuting plan
    The second step in the trip reduction program takes results from step one’s survey and audit and summarizes it in a report that helps identify strategies for reducing single occupancy vehicle trips. The City will assist in the development of a customized commuting action plan that contains meaningful and measurable commuting strategies. City staff will also work with businesses and building managers to identify opportunities to improve and provide infrastructure such as bike parking, showers and change rooms for those who walk or cycle to work. We will also provide information about carpool parking and connections to transit service.
  • Travel options fair
    The City will coordinate a travel options fair at your workplace. Subject matter experts will be onsite to engage employees about sustainable transportation options. The travel options fair is a good way to encourage employees to participate in the survey during the audit phase of the trip reduction program.

If you would like more information about the trip reduction program or would like to join over 10 other Calgary businesses that have already taken part, contact

Do you have a great program in place and think its award-worthy? The Blue Skies Award, one of the Calgary Awards in the Environmental Achievement category recognizes leadership in providing employees with commuter options and in implementing initiatives and strategies that influence employees’ travel choices. For more information on the Blue Skies Award and how to nominate an employer or organization, contact

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