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Getting around Calgary: driving

Getting around Calgary by driving can be a fast and convenient way to get around the city. Calgary is growing and with the increase in population comes an increase in traffic congestion on our roads. One objective of the Calgary Transportation Plan is to maintain automobile, commercial goods and emergency vehicle mobility in Calgary, while placing increased emphasis on sustainable modes of transportation like walking, cycling and transit.

Transportation by single occupant vehicle is considered the least sustainable passenger transport mode. By choosing other modes of travel for getting around Calgary, Calgarians can improve their health and reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts of an automobile-dependent transportation system.

If you would like to minimize your environmental footprint while driving around Calgary you may want to consider carpooling or signing up for a carshare program.

The benefits of carpooling:

  • Share your ride with other passengers.
  • Sign-up at for a free, secure ride-matching service.

The benefits of carsharing:

  • They allow you to rent a vehicle for shorter or longer trips.
  • By not owning a car you save the cost of vehicle ownership.