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Getting around Calgary: walking

Walking, especially for short trips, can often be faster than driving, cycling, or taking transit, as you don’t have to worry about parking, locking up your bike, or waiting for a bus. With Calgary’s many pathways and sidewalks, walking is often a great choice and it is the most sustainable mode of transportation. On average, a person can walk 1 km every 10 minutes, or 6 km an hour. Walking has both health and environmental benefits, and allows for increased interaction on the street.

Want to know how walkable your neighbourhood is? Check out your community’s Walk Score.

Step Forward: A master plan for improving walking in Calgary

The City of Calgary is developing a Pedestrian Strategy to improve walking in Calgary. The strategy is focused on improving pedestrian safety, reducing pedestrian-vehicle collisions, providing universal accessibility, improving the quality and experience of the pedestrian realm, promoting a culture of walking and for furthering walking as a safe, convenient and viable part of Calgary’s multi-modal transportation system. We want to encourage more Calgarians to walk more often, while making it easier and safer to do so.