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Walking education

The City of Calgary, Calgary Police Services, The Calgary Health Region, the Alberta Motor Association and other traffic safety partners are working together to reduce the number and severity of accidents involving pedestrians. Through education, enforcement and engineering strategies, these partners are striving to improve intersection and pedestrian safety in Calgary.

As our city grows, more vehicles are on the roads and more pedestrians are using sidewalks and crosswalks. Having the right-of-way does not necessarily mean a motorist will stop or a pedestrian will not cross the road. We all need to increase our efforts to create a safe travel environment by being aware of each other on the roadways.

When on the pathway, there are a number of ways to make your walking experience more enjoyable. Share the pathway with allĀ users and get to your destination in a safe and courteous manner.

When you feel like getting off both the sidewalk and the pathway, Calgary Recreation offers a number of guided, interpretive nature walks throughout the various natural areas and parks located in Calgary.

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