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Pedestrian Strategy

The Pedestrian Strategy has been approved with some modifications by Council. The draft strategy is available online and the final copy will be available shortly. The strategy is meant to focus on the needs of people walking by coordinating efforts within The City that will help us implement the actions to create long term change. Some of the highlights of the strategy are also available online. We are currently moving forward with implementing some of the short term actions.

Walking is already a popular way of getting around Calgary, and the Pedestrian Strategy, titled STEP FORWARD, provides an action plan to outline how we can create a better quality pedestrian environment in the city. The strategy addresses:

  • Number of collisions and fatalities each year
  • The decreasing number of people walking, specifically children walking to school
  • Walkability in neighbourhoods
  • The desire to be a less car-dependent city
  • Meeting the long-term walking targets identified in the Calgary Transportation Plan
  • Other social and personal benefits

The strategy is structured into four areas with a list of 50 recommendations for The City to carry out in the short, medium and long term across the city. We want to encourage more Calgarians to walk more often, while making it easier and safer to do.

Walking is the most sustainable form of transportation and is ranked at the top of our Transportation Sustainability Triangle.

It releases zero emissions, needs minimal infrastructure, is part of healthy lifestyle and is available to almost all Calgarians.

The framework for the Pedestrian Strategy was presented and approved by the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit on July 18, 2014.

The Pedestrian Strategy is centred on achieving the walkability principles in the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP), based on citizen input gathered during the imagineCALGARY process. The strategy is based on what we heard during our public engagement events in spring 2015.