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Transportation Data research

Trip Generation in Calgary (2005)

Since the 1970's, approximately 300 studies have been done for over 55 land uses. Currently, most of the studies are in paper format and are stored in a filing cabinet. This poses a significant problem for transportation professionals in terms of ease of use and accessibility. In addition, there has been some variation in the data collection methodology and the presentation of the rates such that users are often required to manually calculate rates. Transportation Data has also become concerned about the safety of the studies - a fire would destroy years of information. A tool was required that would address these issues.

Vehicle Kilometres Travelled (VKT) (2009)

It is important to develop a methodology that can be standardized, is consistent and easy to use nationwide. Estimated VKT (using different sources and/or methodologies) have been used for comparison with other cities or for benchmarking, which can be misleading if a standardized methodology is not used.

The City has developed a methodology regarding the calculation of vehicle kilometres travelled  within Calgary's city limits based on observed traffic volumes.