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4 Street S.W. parking pilot

As part of providing more parking options and access to downtown businesses, The City of Calgary is extending on-street parking through the afternoon peak period - 15:30-18:00 - on one of the northbound 4 Street S.W. lanes, between 24 Avenue and 20 Avenue. This six-month pilot makes parking more convenient for people shopping, dining and visiting the area. It also provides an alternative to parking on the neighbouring community streets.

Project summary

The parking pilot extends on-street parking to 39 stalls in the curb lane of northbound 4 Street S.W., between 24 Street and 20 Street. The extension is through the afternoon rush period and into the early dining hours of a busy restaurant district. Due to the northbound traffic patterns in this area during the afternoon rush period, compared to the southbound traffic patterns, there is room to turn a northbound travel lane into a parking lane during this time.

Schedule of pilot

The pilot begins on Monday, June 20, and will be in place for a six month period. It can be removed sooner than six months, if the impacts to traffic are too great. The City will be monitoring travel times along the corridor to ensure traffic and Calgary Transit are not significantly impacted.

At the end of the six months, the pilot project will be evaluated to determine if on-street parking during this time of day, at this location, should remain in place permanently.


The 4 Street S.W. parking pilot is part of the Council approved 2015-2018 Consolidated Parking Policy Work Plan, included in The City’s Parking Policy Framework. The Framework document provides direction on how we thoughtfully manage parking in Calgary. Calgary’s downtown and surrounding area requires specific attention so it can continue to grow as an economically healthy and vibrant part of the city.