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8 Avenue S.E. Laneway FAQ

What is the study area?

The study area includes the laneway located north of 8 Avenue S.E. and east of 12 Street S.E., in Inglewood. It also includes a Neighbourhood Off-leash Area (OLA) and pedestrian/bike path down by the river. The focus of this project is the laneway design.

map of focus and study areas

What is the primary use of the park?

The park is a Neighbourhood Off-Leash Area (OLA). An OLA is a multi-use park or portion of a multi-use park, where dogs are allowed off-leash under full control of the owner. They may be unfenced, partially fenced or fully fenced. At this particular location, a regional multi-use pathway route borders the OLA. On paved pathways, dogs are required to be on-leash, particularly in high conflict areas where regional pathways are adjacent to/intersect an off-leash area, like this park. Therefore, all users must adhere to the area rules as well as be respectful and aware of one another.

Why are we doing this study?

Before securing Council’s support in 2013 to study opportunities to enhance the 8 Avenue Laneway, Councillor Carra discussed the opportunities with and sought support from the Community Association and affected property owners. Councillor Carra was interested in the 8 Avenue laneway because:

  • The area was highlighted as an area for special consideration by the community through Inglewood Design Initiative.
  • There were reports of social disorder at the parking lot that were CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) related.
  • There were active development applications that weren't progressing, and were being pushed in the wrong direction, on account of the unregistered nature of the existing lane.

In 2013, Council directed The City of Calgary to work with the community to develop design alternatives for the laneway.

Who gets to provide input?

The 8 Avenue laneway is adjacent to a Neighbourhood Off-Leash Area (OLA). The park contains an important section of the cycle network and is located close to downtown. Many people use the park and the parking lot. Given this, it is important that we are transparent and inclusive with our engagement process. The Inglewood community as well as anybody who uses the park and/or parking lot is invited to provide feedback.

We want to hear from you! Go to for upcoming engagement opportunities.

What process did you use to determine the preferred option?

  • Participants in the May 2014 workshop identified design features that would enhance the lane.
  • The design features were voted on at the workshop, and then also posted online where Calgarians had an opportunity to view and rate them.
  • The evaluation process gauged how well each concept integrated the features that participants rated the highest in the workshop and online.
  • Each concept received a checkmark for every feature that was incorporated.
  • The total score for each concept was based on the number of checkmarks it received.
  • Two of three concepts ranked very closely in score, so a fourth concept was created to incorporate features from both designs. This concept is the preferred option.
  • The preferred option also meets City requirements related to emergency services, waste and recycling, parks, urban design, roads, and public art.

What are the benefits of the preferred design concept?

We will be enhancing the beauty and functionality of the area by:
  • Improving the operation of existing transportation facilities.
  • Increasing the green space by removing the parking lot and redistributing the parking along the lane
  • Increasing the safety by improving the lighting as well as reducing car speeds by adding curvature to the lane.
  • Providing better pathway connections; the design incorporates a new gateway connection to the existing pathway at 13 Street S. This will improve the access and safety of the eastern entrance.
  • Incorporating public art in the project and providing a gathering place for the community.

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