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Stoney Trail/Calgary Ring Road

The Government of Alberta approved construction of the next piece of Calgary’s ring road, currently named Stoney Trail, with construction on the southwest portion scheduled to begin in 2016. This next piece brings Calgary one step closer to completing the 100-kilometre, uninterrupted highway. As a city that moves, it improves the road network in and around Calgary.

Southwest Calgary ring road maps and drawingsWest Calgary ring road maps and drawings 

Project update

As part of The Government of Alberta’s budget announcement, they’re still on schedule to begin construction on the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) in 2016 and open before 2022. We’ll continue with the SWCRR’s six connections, roadway improvements and the Council-directed traffic review in the southwest area to make sure the SWCRR fits with our road network.

Based on the Government of Alberta pushing the construction start date back to 2020-2021 for the West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR) piece, we’re reviewing the timing, priority, and funding of road improvements on Calgary’s west side. Our goal is to make sure Calgarians keep moving and are connected.

We expect to know the traffic review results and recommendations on any changes to Calgary’s roadways and intersections in late 2015. We’ll continue to report back to citizens through 2015 as information on the connection designs and schedule become available.

Council update, Dec. 15, 2014

Report to Council with map attachments

Information session information boards, fall 2014

Southwest Calgary Ring Road drawings and designs - The Government of Alberta
West Calgary Ring Road drawings and designs - The Government of Alberta
Connections and traffic review - City of Calgary

Project objectives - The City of Calgary’s role

There are two things The City is carrying out before the final ring road sections open:

  • Design and, in many cases, construct roadways that connect the ring road to southwest Calgary.
  • Follow Council’s direction to review the traffic patterns and volumes we expect on Calgary’s southwest roads when the ring road opens. Based on those results, we will recommend any changes to roads and intersections.

Map 1 - Ring road connections and traffic review areas, north of Glenmore Reservoir 

Map 2 - Ring road connections and traffic review areas, south of Glenmore Reservoir 

Project schedule

Q4 2014-Q1 2015
Collect feedback from communities and update Council

Q4 2014-Q3 2015
Design connections and complete traffic review
Provide project updates to citizens

Q4 2015
Report back to citizens and Council on connections and traffic review results

Complete design and construct eight connections and any approved road improvements
Begin construction on Southwest Calgary ring road (Province)
Begin construction on West Calgary Ring Road (expected 2021-2022)
Open Southwest Calgary ring road (expected in 2021)

The Government of Alberta’s role

The Government of Alberta is responsible for the ring road highway, which is outside city limits:

  • Location and alignment
  • Interchanges
  • Connections to city limits
  • Bridges
  • Construction
  • Other items within the provincially owned Transportation Utility Corridor.

The Province is constructing the final ring road pieces as two projects:

You can find out more information on all pieces of Calgary’s ring road at Alberta Transportation.

Questions or feedback?

If your comments are about the ring road itself; like location, history, design, interchanges, construction, schedule, or anything else located outside the city limits and within the Transportation Utility Corridor, please contact the Government of Alberta:

  • for Southwest Calgary ring road: between 69 Street SW/HWY8 and Macleod Trail SW/HWY 22X
  • for West Calgary Ring road: between the Trans Canada Highway and 69 Street SW/HWY 8

For connections to the ring road, traffic review or items within the city limits, please use the 311 online intake form.

Other projects of interest

Through the information sessions, we heard comments about other projects that The City has underway. Here’s where you can find more information: