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Stoney Trail/Calgary Ring Road

The Government of Alberta approved the completion of Calgary’s ring road, currently named Stoney Trail, with construction on the southwest and west portions expected to begin in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Once opened, the completed 100 kilometre, uninterrupted highway will connect people to communities, places of work, and destinations in and outside of the city, keeping Calgary on the move. As a city on the move, the final southwest piece improves Calgary’s road network:

  • Shortens travel time between communities
  • Connects popular destinations (activity and employment centres, hospitals, commercial areas, industrial parks)
  • Diverts cars from existing busy roads
  • Shortens weekend and vacation commutes out of the city
  • Provides reliable goods movement into and around Calgary

Project update

On Tuesday, February 24, The Government of Alberta is hosting an information session with the major utility companies who will be relocating a number of utilities to make room for the Southwest Calgary Ring Road. The City will be attending to provide information on The City’s work, which includes connections to the ring road, a traffic review and the 37 Street S.W. storm trunk relocation.

We updated Council on Monday, Dec. 15 about the current traffic review underway as part of The City’s role with the final piece of the ring road:

We’re at the beginning stages of the traffic review and more analysis is needed. It’s expected we’ll know the final results and recommendations on necessary changes to roadways and intersections in late 2015. We’ll continue to report back to citizens through 2015 as information becomes available.

The City is currently reviewing the feedback we received at the seven information sessions held in fall 2014. At the events, we displayed information on The City’s role with the project, while learning about the interests of citizens with the final piece of the ring road.

Check out the completed functional plans for the final pieces of Calgary’s ring road that the Government of Alberta displayed at the information session in fall 2014:

Project objectives - The City of Calgary’s role

There are two things The City is carrying out before the final ring road sections open:

  • Design and, in many cases, build roads that connect the ring road to southwest Calgary.
  • Follow Council direction: “review the impacts and implications of the new ring road sections, evaluate solutions to mitigate impacts and approach the Province to discuss these solutions including options to fund improvements as part of the ring road program.”

Map 1 - Ring road connections and traffic review areas, north of Glenmore Reservoir 

Map 2 - Ring road connections and traffic review areas, south of Glenmore Reservoir 

Council’s direction means we are reviewing the traffic patterns and volumes we expect on Calgary’s southwest roads when the ring road opens. Based on those results, we will recommend any changes to roads and intersections.

Project schedule

Q4 2014-Q1 2015

  • Collect feedback from citizens and communities
  • Update Council on City’s ring road projects

Q4 2014-Q3 2015

  • Design functional plans for 11 connections and complete traffic review 
  • Provide project updates to citizens

Q4 2015

  • Report back to citizens on connection designs traffic review
  • Report back to Council on connection designs and any recommendations from traffic review


  • Complete design and construct 8 of 11 connections and roadway improvements before the ring road opens

The Government of Alberta’s role

The Government of Alberta manages the design and construction of the ring road highway; including interchanges, some connections, bridges and all other construction within the Transportation Utility Corridor. The Province is constructing the final ring road pieces as two projects:

You can see maps and drawings of the ring road and interchanges at the above links.

Calgary’s ring road - northwest, northeast and southeast

You can find out more information on Calgary’s ring road at Alberta Transportation:

Other projects of interest

Through the information sessions, we heard comments about other projects that The City has underway. Here’s where you can find more information: