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Crowchild Trail Study

Where we are in the study

We’re in Phase 2: Confirm Project Goals of a new  six-phase study for Crowchild Trail from 24 Avenue N.W. to 17 Avenue S.W.

  • Get involved now so your input can be used to inform the remainder of the study. 
  • Input gathered in Phase 2 will be used to confirm project goals, which will help guide the development and evaluation of design concepts as the study progresses.
  • See the engagement event calendar for opportunities to provide your input online, through workshops, bus and walking tours, and at idea boards at select locations.
  • Visit the Project Library to learn more about Phase 1: Engagement Process Design.

Study overview

In July 2014, City Council directed Transportation Planning to restart the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study. The new Crowchild Trail Study is now in progress.

Where is the study area? Crowchild Trail from 24 Ave N.W. to 17 Ave S.W.

What is the new Crowchild Trail Study about? The new study will identify short-, medium-, and long-term plans that will accommodate the continued growth of Calgary. These include upgrades needed to move high volumes of vehicle traffic, improve travel along and across the Crowchild corridor, and maintain or enhance bordering communities.

Why is the study needed? Crowchild Trail is an important part of Calgary’s transportation network. The 1978 approved plan needs to be updated to align with The City’s long-range Calgary Transportation Plan and Municipal Development Plan. A new approved plan will help the Transportation department acquire funding from City Council for improvements along Crowchild Trail.

How can I get involved in the study? The new six-phase study process includes multiple engagement opportunities that gather public input to help inform project decisions in each phase of the study. Sign up for the project newsletter and stay informed about upcoming engagement opportunities on the Get Involved page. The six-phase process for the Crowchild Trail Study is consistent with the Transportation Corridor Study Policy.

Who are you getting input from? We're gathering input from those who live immediately next to Crowchild Trail, operate businesses and large institutions (e.g. U of C, Alberta Health Services), live in communities that border the study area, and those who travel along or across Crowchild Trail. We’re also consulting with internal city business units.

When will the study be complete? We expect to complete the study by the end of 2016 and to bring the study recommendations to Council in 2017.

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