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Crowchild Trail Corridor Study

On July 28, 2014, Council approved the Transportation Corridor Study Policy and directed City Administration to re-start the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study in Q3 2014. The project team is currently developing the study plan, including opportunities for stakeholder and public input throughout the study. Information about the engagement process will be available on this webpage once they are confirmed.

Previous Council Direction

Council’s Notice of Motion on December 17 2012 (NM2012-51) directed City Administration to cease design work for the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study. The Motion is a result of feedback from citizens and Aldermen regarding the proposed design concepts shown through fall 2012. In response to the Notice of Motion, City Administration completed a review of the transportation corridor study process. The resulting policy and interim guidelines were approved by Council on July 28, 2014.

Previous project scope

Through 2012, The City began a transportation corridor study for  Crowchild Trail between 24 Avenue N.W. and 17 Avenue S.W. The study’s goal is to provide recommendations for long-term roadway upgrades that accommodate all modes of travel including walking, cycling, public transit and motor vehicles.

The corridor study allows The City to better evaluate transportation priorities relating to the Council-approved Investing in Mobility and guide road design in the future to better integrate Crowchild Trail with neighbouring communities while improving mobility.

Previous public engagement

The concept design options displayed at the two open houses are not Council approved and do not have official status. These public open houses were held during the week of November 12 at the Red and White Club and the Marda Loop Community Association with more than 500 people attending. An  online public survey was also conducted in early 2012. In summary, here’s what we heard:

  • Strong support to improve traffic flow on Crowchild Trail, particularly across the Bow River.
  • A strong desire from adjacent communities and businesses for additional engagement, to learn more about the project and to communicate their priorities and how they relate to Crowchild Trail.
  • Too much impact to properties and communities.
  • Questions around why Crowchild Trail needs to be free-flow and how should it look and serve Calgarians.
  • Desire for emphasis on Primary Transit with connections to downtown and between universities.
  • Desire to protect and improve the Bow River valley, sidewalk, pathway and bikeway connections.
  • Desire for greater emphasis on urban design and opportunities to improve neighbourhoods.

Background information

New Bow River crossings near Shaganappi Trail were proposed in a draft Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) but were removed from the CTP by Council. Crowchild Trail between 24 Avenue N.W. to 17 Avenue S.W.:

  • Provides the only City-owned north/south roadway of this capacity over the Bow River.
  • Carries approximately 106,000 vehicles per day.
  • Is a priority for improvement in Council’s 2011 Fiscal Plan for Calgary, part 3.8: “Focus road investments on chokepoints in the existing road network (e.g., Macleod Trail in the deep south, Crowchild Trail between 24 Avenue N.W. and Bow Trail)”.
  • Classified as a skeletal road (Map 7), and a Supporting Goods Movement Corridor (Map 5) in the CTP.
  • Experiences high traffic congestion during rush hour.
  • Experiences operational/safety issues near and across the Bow River in part due to the high number of access and exit points and traffic weaving.
  • Poses schedule reliability challenges for Transit operations on a number of Primary Transit routes.
  • Provides minimal pedestrian and cycling crossings.