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Rubber sidewalks

Project update

The City is in its third year of the five-year pilot project. Below is an update on each rubber surface location.

85 Avenue S.E., near 24 Street - bus stop

  • Still under review.

Kensington Village - space between curb and sidewalk (boulevard)

  • Still under review.

Charleswood Drive - sidewalk

  • Between Morley Trail and Cherokee Drive, in front of the church, replaced the original rubber with a newer material in summer 2013 to see if the surface would be better for removing snow by machine.
  • Between Cherokee Drive and 24 Street, replaced the original rubber sidewalk with asphalt because the rubber material was making it hard to shovel snow.
  • Between 24 Street and Capri Avenue, the original rubber remains in place, under review.

Project background

In 2010, The City began a five-year pilot project to test a new way of building sidewalk-type surfaces by using rubber instead of concrete. We are testing three locations:

  • 85 Avenue S.E., near 24 Street- bus stop
  • Kensington Road- boulevard area, between curb and sidewalk
  • Charleswood Drive (east side), between Crowchild Trail and Capri Avenue

There are a number of reasons to try rubber sidewalks in Calgary’s environment:

  • Costs less than concrete
  • Durable in all seasons
  • Safe surface, even when wet
  • Rubber can be used for other surfaces where concrete is not ideal (pathway detours during construction)
  • Shorter construction time

It’s also good for the environment:

  • Drains water into soil, not onto the road
  • Lowers sound levels from traffic
  • Safe, non-toxic, and flame resistant
  • Saves trees by not having to remove roots for construction
  • Recycles tires