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Crowchild Trail Study: Engagement overview

Key principles of the engagement process

Throughout the Crowchild Trail Study, we will:

  • Provide multiple opportunities for people to share their input in each phase of the study.
  • Design engagement opportunities to collect feedback that helps inform project decisions specific to each phase of the study.
  • Provide opportunities for targeted stakeholders to share their unique concerns and perspectives before broader community engagement events take place.
  • Use the input gathered to influence project decisions. Where input cannot be used, we will explain why.
  • Summarize the input gathered and share what we heard with the public (see the Project Library).

An engagement program designed by Calgarians

Phase 1 of the Crowchild Trail Study focused on designing an engagement program with citizen’s input.

In February and March 2015, a team of 18 Calgarians gathered together in three workshops to answer the question “How do we have the most effective conversation possible about the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study?”


Considering the online input from approximately 500 Calgarians, this 18-member “Engagement Design Team” developed a recommended engagement program for Phases 2 to 6 of the study.

The recommended engagement program was endorsed by all members of the Engagement Design Team. Learn more about the team’s work in Phase 1: Engagement Process Design of the Project Library.

What is “engagement”?

The City defines engagement as: “Purposeful dialogue between The City and stakeholders to gather information to influence decision making.” (Source: engage! Policy)

Who are “stakeholders”?

The City defines stakeholders as “Anyone (person or group) who can impact or be impacted by the results of a decision my by The City.” (Source: engage! Policy).

Study process

We’re in Phase 6: Reporting and Completion

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Stay informed

You’ll have multiple opportunities to provide input in each phase of the study. Stay informed of the study.

  • Sign-up for email updates and receive notifications.
  • Watch for bold signs around your community.
  • Look for updates in your community newsletters.
  • Look for signs along Crowchild Trail.
  • Look for advertising online, in the media, at key destinations (e.g. University of Calgary, Foothills Medical Centre, etc.).