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Crowchild Trail Study Phase 5: Concept selection and recommendation

Identify recommendations for short-, medium-, and long-term upgrades.

Description: Phase 5 of the study presents the draft recommendations for short-, medium-, and long-term upgrades and gathers feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the recommendations to help finalize them.

Engagement Goal: Work with participants to refine and finalize the draft recommendations. Participants can review the recommendations and provide their feedback at scheduled open houses, drop-in sessions, community sounding boards, and/or through an online tool.

Outcome: Participants understand how the recommendations were identified as a result of the study process and can see how input was used to influence project decisions. Where input was not used, the project team has explained why.

Summary of Engagement Process

Timeline Engagement Opportunity Summary of Verbatim Comments

Review the plan & give input - Fall 2016



















Open house boards including noise, walking & cycling connections, green spaces, transit, & more.
Engagement & concept selection boards
View the recommendations:
Property owner meetings Coming
Open house for businesses, institutions, and emergency response agencies Coming
Open house for residents immediately next to Crowchild Tr. Coming
Open house for the general public Coming
Online tool Coming
Community-based opportunities Coming
​Social media ​Coming

Study process

We’re in Phase 6: Reporting and Completion

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