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Crowchild Trail Study: Topics of interest

Below are key topics of interest we have heard from stakeholders and participants during the study:

About Crowchild Trail today

  • What are the problems with Crowchild Trail
  • Historical properties along Crowchild Trail

About Transportation and Land Use Plans

  • Existing plans for Crowchild Trail
  • Plans of Calgary’s transportation network
  • Plans of Calgary’s public transit system
  • How Crowchild Trail fits in the transportation network
  • Other relevant land use and transportation studies

About the study process

  • Why are there six study phases
  • Why are citizens being asked to provide input before there are plans for Crowchild Trail
  • How can I provide input in the study
  • How can I stay informed

About property impact along Crowchild Trail

  • How will houses and businesses be impacted
  • How will homeowners and businesses by compensated  

About the 2010-2012 Crowchild Trail Study

In fall 2012, The City developed and presented design options at open houses to drive the discussion with citizens. At these events, we heard from Calgarians that they expected to participate earlier and more meaningfully throughout the study, before project decisions were made.

In Dec. 2012, Council directed (NM2012-51) The City to cease work on the Crowchild Trail Corridor study and to develop a new policy that guides how transportation corridor studies are done. The preliminary concepts presented in 2012 were shelved and The City engaged citizens to help develop the new policy. In July 2014, Council approved the Transportation Corridor Study Policy and directed us to restart the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study at that time.

In the new Crowchild Trail Study, we are using discussions with citizens to drive the development and evaluation of design options. In addition to long-term plans, the new study will identify short-term and medium-term upgrades, and consider implications of a “no build” scenario. Learn more about the new six-phase study process.

The feedback collected in 2012, including responses to the 2012 online questionnaire (see  Feedback Report), is considered part of the background information that informs the new study. Key themes of what we heard at the time are included in the summary document.

Study process

We’re in Phase 6: Reporting and Completion

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Crowchild Trail and the Calgary Transportation Plan

We heard from participants that they wanted to learn more about the Calgary Transportation Plan, and how Crowchild Trail fits within that plan.

To learn more, review the presentation Planning for Growth: Crowchild Trail and the Calgary Transportation Network.

Note: The presentation was originally prepared for an information session hosted by Councillor Evan Woolley on Oct. 1, 2015. It has been modified for web purposes.