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Crowchild Trail Study: Study process

New study process invites the public to participate from the start.

The Crowchild Trail Study works with citizens to identify opportunities to address issues today and plan for future transportation needs as the city grows.

The Crowchild Trail Study has a new process that invites the public to participate right from the start of the study, before project goals are established.

The six-phase process for the Crowchild Trail Study is consistent with the Transportation Corridor Study Policy. The diagram below provides an overview of the outcomes expected at each phase of the study, and the type of engagement input we’re collecting to help inform those outcomes. More information about each of the study phases, including summaries of engagement events and what we heard at each event are available by study phases under Project Library (see navigation bar).

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We learned from 2012 and we’re doing things differently. 

In fall 2012, The City presented proposed design concepts for long-term needs of Crowchild Trail in a series of open houses to gather feedback from stakeholders and the public. We heard from Calgarians that they expected to participate earlier and more meaningfully throughout the study, before project decisions were made.

In July 2014, Council approved the Transportation Corridor Study Policy and directed us to restart the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study. The policy describes the process The City will undertake to gather and incorporate stakeholder feedback when conducting this type of study.

Study process

We’re in Phase 6: Reporting and Completion

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Get involved

The new study process provides multiple opportunities for Calgarians to provide input in each phase of the study. Look for current opportunities to get involved and provide your input in-person or online.