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Crowchild Trail Study: short-term recommended plan

On July 20, 2016 we presented a study update to Council’s Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit. We recommended that we advance planning and design of several short-term changes and upgrades to Crowchild Trail that can be implemented over the next five years. The estimated cost to implement the short-term recommendations is $90 million. 

Click on the thumbnails below to view the recommended plan.

In November 2016, we reported back to Council with a proposed budget to implement the short-term recommendations including widening the Bow River Bridge to accommodate an additional lane in each direction together with the bridge rehabilitation work and  several short-term optimization ideas. We anticipate receiving a decision on funding from Council in early 2017.

If approved by Council at that time, we will be able to move forward with the bridge widening and optimization projects and be ready for construction in Spring 2017. Read the report.

Learn more about the short-term recommendations at:

View the medium/long-term recommended plans

Interesting in learning more about the history and future transportation demands of Crowchild Trail. Check out this story map.

View the 1978 plans

Existing plans for Crowchild Trail were approved in 1978 and are available here. The Crowchild Trail Study will update the 1978 plan, with the help of Calgarians’, through the six-phase study process.