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Community Traffic Studies

Applying for a community traffic study

Communities are encouraged to undertake activities listed in The City of Calgary's Traffic Calming Policy before applying for a community traffic study. These activities below can be very helpful in addressing traffic concerns.

  • Articles in community newsletters and websites to raise awareness of the traffic concerns within the community.
  • Providing the community with information, such as City of Calgary Traffic Tips booklet, maps, and other documents.
  • Contacting The City of Calgary to arrange for placement of Speed Limit Observation and Warning System (SLOWS) signs (or other educational traffic signs) in identified locations in the community.
  • Liaising with police to help address issues through enforcement.
  • Liaising with schools to help address typical school-related traffic issues such as parking, drop-off zones, and pedestrian safety.
  • Liaising with businesses and institutions to help address traffic concerns related to facilities located within a community.
  • Reducing the number of car trips in the community by encouraging community residents to carpool, consider work at home and flex-time arrangements, and to use the pathway and bikeway system for walking and cycling trips.

Community traffic study application process

After reviewing the information in the Traffic Calming Policy, if you would like to apply for a community traffic study, you must complete the Traffic Issue Reporting Form, found in the appendix of the Traffic Calming Policy, and submit it to Transportation Planning.

Please note that in order for the form submission to be considered complete, you will need to collect signatures from your community association, councilor, police, and from members of your community, as a minimum level of support from the community needs to be demonstrated as outlined in Section ​3.1.1 of the policy. We also encourage you to undertake the community initiatives listed above and outlined in Section 3.3 of the policy.

Contact Community Transportation

To report a community traffic concern or to apply for a community traffic study, please complete the following online fo​rm.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​eServices - Online form

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