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Erin Woods traffic calming pilot project

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Project update – June 2017

Thank you for participating in our engagement opportunities for our year one check-in. Over the course of the summer we will be reviewing the feedback we received about the pilot. We will be evaluating the pilot, using community feedback and data we have collected. Changes to the pilot will then be made if warranted.

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Project overview

In 2015, a community traffic issue identified by the Erin Woods Community Association was selected for a traffic calming project. The City collected data on pedestrian safety and vehicle speeds in the community. Based on the number of locations identified, Erin Woods was selected for a traffic calming project and to pilot new traffic calming curbs throughout the community.

City staff worked with the Erin Woods Community Association and a small group of residents to develop a traffic calming plan to address concerns regarding the safety of people walking and cycling throughout the community, and to reduce the speeds of people driving.

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As part of the traffic calming plan a number of different traffic calming measures were installed throughout the community of Erin Woods in September 2016. Traffic calming curbs were placed in the shape of curb extensions at 13 intersections and as median extensions at two intersections. The curb extensions will encourage people driving to slow down as they approach the intersections. The median extensions will encourage people driving to slow down when making left turns.

Bike lanes were installed on Erin Woods Boulevard S.E. between Erin Woods Circle and the Erin Woods Park. They narrow the travel lane, encouraging people to drive slowly, and give people cycling a designated space to ride their bikes. It will not impact the number of travel lanes or on-street parking spaces.

The playground zone sign at Erin Woods Drive and Erin Croft Crescent S.E. will be moved closer to Erin Park Drive S.E. Shortening the playground zone will help people driving remember that they are travelling through a playground zone and need to reduce their speeds. When a playground zone is extended too far people driving forget that they are travelling through a playground zone and tend to speed up.

More about the project

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How can I participate in the pilot?

This webpage will continue to be updated as the project progresses, so please check back for updates. Information about engagement opportunities will be posted on the project engagement page.

If you have questions about this project please contact 311 and the Community Traffic team will respond.

For general information about the traffic calming program please visit the Community Traffic Studies webpage.