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Westgate - 8 Avenue S.W. traffic calming project

In 2015, a community traffic issue identified by the Westgate Community Association was selected for a traffic calming project. A number of drivers have been observed speeding in the school zone on 8 Avenue SW, there have been issues with drivers failing to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks in the study area, and safety concerns have been raised related to pick-up and drop-off activity at the two local schools.

City staff worked with the Westgate Community Association, the two area schools, and a small group of affected residents to develop a traffic calming plan to address these concerns.

The traffic calming plan is designed to improve the safety of people walking through the community. Curb extensions will encourage drivers to travel at a safer speed, and reduce the crossing distance for people walking across the street. The new sidewalk will provide people walking with a safe place to walk on the south side of 8 Avenue S.W.

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Questions or concerns?

If you have questions about this project please contact 311 and the Community Traffic team will respond.

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