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Contractors - Erosion and sediment control

Erosion and sedimentation can harm the environment, including loss of topsoil and sedimentation of rivers and other water bodies. Construction activities can cause a variety of these issues, including the following:

  • Mud tracking onto adjacent properties or streets
  • Silt and debris washed into the stormwater system
  • Silt and debris transported to receiving watercourses
  • Wind blown dust

Erosion and sediment control - construction requirements

The City of Calgary has developed the following guidelines for erosion and sediment control:

Sites greater than two hectares
These sites require an Erosion and Sediment Control Report. Our Erosion and Sediment Control Coordinator must be notified prior to project start-up Please call 403-268-2655 to discuss requirements. 

Sites less than two hectares (with soil disturbance)
A minimum of good housekeeping practices are required to ensure sediment does not leave the site or enter onsite or adjacent storm sewers. if the site is adjacent to a water body, is located on steep slopes or is adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas, please contact our Erosion and Sediment Control Coordinator at 403-268-2655.

Please note: Maintenance and inspection of erosion and sediment control devices is necessary to ensure that they function properly. After the area is stabilized against erosion, these devices must be removed and disposed of accordingly. 

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