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Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

The goal of the Calgary Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan is to significantly reduce GHG emissions in Calgary while realizing other environmental, economic and social benefits. Read the full Calgary Community GHG Reduction Plan.

The project involves citizens, organizations and governments. Together, The City and community stakeholders will be able to reduce GHG emissions through conservation, energy efficiency and low carbon energy sources.

Reduction Targets

The plan outlines the actions and roles needed to reduce emissions and meet the Calgary Climate Change Accord and imagineCALGARY targets. These targets are also in line with the federal reduction target for 2020 and are similar to what other Canadian cities have committed themselves to achieve.

  • 20% by 2020 (below 2005)
  • 50% by 2036 (below 1990)
  • 80% by 2050 (below 2005)


The City will monitor, measure and report Calgary’s progress in implementing the Plan. It will be reviewed and revised within five years to ensure it remains up to date with current legislation, approaches and opportunities for reducing GHG emissions.

This will give us better insight to where The City can have the greatest impact through local policies and programs. It also allows Calgary to compare its achievements with other cities in Canada and around the world.

Looking for more details about the Community Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Plan? View our frequently asked questions about the plan.