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Save energy at home this spring

Make your own eco-friendly BBQ cleaner

BBQ Cleaner Recipe Image

​You'll need:

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • Small spray bottle of vinegar
  • Small bowl
  • Rag or cloth


  1. Mix water and baking soda in small bowl to create a paste
  2. Spread paste generously over grill
  3. Let sit overnight
  4. Use damp cloth to remove paste residue
  5. Spray vinegar on grill and wipe off remaining grime or paste

Learn some simple ways to save energy and money around the house with our green tips. We'll not only tell you how to reduce your impact on the environment, but we'll walk you through the steps, DIY-style!

This is just one of the many ways The City of Calgary keeps our energy savings commitment to citizens. Don't forget to check back. Each month we'll be adding a new energy tip to this page.

For more tips on saving energy or tracking your energy use in your business or home, visit our Energy Savings main page.

May green tip: GREEN GRILLING

There are plenty of ways you can reduce your energy use while cooking and beginning with the barbeque is a great start! To minimize your impact on the environment while grilling, remember the following:

Clean your grill
A clean grill uses less energy than a dirty one. The extra food particles on a dirty grill prevent it from being efficient, which means it takes more energy to cook your meal.

Check and clean your connections
Fuel can leak from loose, broken or dirty connections.

Maximize your grilling space
Get as much food on the grill at one time to reduce the time your barbeque is in use.

Cook with the hood down
The more often you open your hood, the more heat can escape, wasting fuel.

Maintain a steady grill temperature
When you move your barbeque heat settings up and down it uses more energy.

Use energy-efficient outdoor lighting
LED bulbs are a great alternative to traditional lighting, and also lighten the load on your energy bill.