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Eco-Leaders program


Congratulations to Hillhurst School, the 2017 Social Media Champions of the Mayor's Environment Expo.


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Eco-Leaders is a youth environmental leadership program that helps school-based student teams design and implement environmental projects that aim to solve real-life problems.

Eco-Leader teams will contribute to environmental solutions that have a positive impact in our community while gaining eco-literacy and eco-leadership skills. Teams will present their findings to Calgary schools and exhibitors at our annual Mayor's Environment Expo.

Eco-Leaders program elements

  • Jan: Eco-Leaders Conference –
    Skills Development
  • Jan - Feb: Eco-Mentor school visits – Project Design
  • Feb - May: Project Implementation – Eco-Mentor Support
  • May: Project Evaluation and Display Preparation
  • June: Showcase – Mayor's Environmental Expo

Eco-Leaders program details


  • School classes and clubs are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications are accepted from September 22, 2017 to October 13, 2017.
  • Selected schools will be notified by mid November, 2017.

Program requirements

  • The time commitment is 60 hours over six months.
  • Each Eco-Leader School must have a minimum of one lead teacher and one support teacher.
  • All Eco-Leader teams are required to attend the Eco-Leader Conference. A lead or support teacher must attend with six to 10 students from the project team.

School Support

  • Students will explore the skills they need for developing projects.
  • An Eco-Mentor will have scheduled visits with teams to help students design and implement their project, and connect students with other experts in the community including staff at The City of Calgary.
  • Project grants.
  • Grants are distributed in January.
  • Professional development for teachers.
  • View Frequently Asked Questions about applying for the Eco-leaders program.

Mayor's Environment Expo

  • We require Eco-Leader groups to attend the Mayor's Environment Expo on the day they are presenting.
  • The Expo Days are separated into age groups (June 5-7, 2018) and Eco-Leaders will be informed of the day they will be presenting.
  • Each Eco-Leader group will receive one bus to travel to and from the Expo.
  • Additional buses will need to be organized by the Eco-Leader group.

Benefits for participating schools

Students develop lifelong, transferable skills in leadership, innovation, teamwork and critical thinking and apply these to projects of their design. Projects can have a meaningful impact on schools and surrounding communities, as seen with Captain Nichola Goddard School's award-winning Green Commuting Hub project.

"Cooperation, global citizenship, creativity and leadership are just some of the good qualities that will be developed when participating as an Eco-Leader."

- Catherine Dorsey, Teacher at Panorama Hills School

"The project has exceeded all expectations for our staff and volunteers. The team is already planning for next year."

- Karen Campbell, Principal at Alex Munro School